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Home Upgrade, Carbon Downgrade

The Home Upgrade, Carbon Downgrade Program helps Chula Vista residents improve their homes' comfort, health, and efficiency. 

The program's 3 main goals are to:

  • Lower long-term residential utility costs
  • Reduce community-wide greenhouse gas emissions
  • Create local economic benefits
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Quick Reference Guide


Come visit the City’s Energy Roadshow trailer to learn about how you can reduce your energy bills, while making your home more comfortable and healthy. 

arrowTo view the Roadshow's schedule (under "Featured Events"), click here.    

Roadshow Trailer



Sign-up for a FREE home energy & water check-up to determine some initial opportunities to improve your efficiency.  The 30-minute evaluation is performed by City staff.

arrowSchedule a check-up at 619-409-3893 or

Home Energy Evaluation

There are a variety of incentive & financing programs to help residents implement energy and water-saving improvements at little or no upfront cost. 

arrowTo view more info and find eligible contractors, click here.

Incentive Money


If you have a pool, its pump could be draining your wallet!  Special SDG&E rebates are available for more efficient, variable speed pumps.  View these local case studies:

arrowBecker Family - Western Chula Vista

arrowLukasik Family - Sunbow

arrowKamali Family - EastLake

arrowWeekes Family - Otay Ranch


Improving your home's efficiency & comfort is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Step 1 - Identify Upgrade Options

The first step to making your home more sustainable is to learn how your home uses resources, such as energy and water, and how you can improve the efficiency of your house.  Below is a range of options to help you identify how your home is performing: 

Be an Energy Detective

By using tools available for FREE, you can investigate your home's energy consumption

and find out what is costing you the most.

  • To learn more about how to view your detailed Smart Meter data, click here.
  • To borrow an energy monitoring tool (such as a Kill-a-Watt) for free from the Chula Vista Library, click here.

Get a FREE Energy & Water Check-Up

Free on-site energy and water evaluations are available for homes in Chula Vista. The 30-minute check-up is performed by trained City staff and will help you identify opportunities to improve efficiency and lower utility costs.  During the check-up, staff will review your building’s envelope (such as windows and doors), lighting, water heating, air conditioning, appliances, plumbing fixtures, as well as outdoor landscaping!  They’ll also help you better understand your utility bills.

  • Receive thermal infrared (IR) imaging of your home
  • May also receive FREE “smart” power strips & indoor water-savings kits!
  • Sign-up for a free check-up by calling (619) 409-3893 or via email.

Get a Detailed Energy Audit

This is the most comprehensive option and entails a trained professional testing and evaluating every component of your home that affects its energy use.  The most common types of energy audits are:Energy Audit

  • Home Energy Rating System (HERS) – A whole home energy audit system created by the California Energy Commission to provide residents with a comprehensive home energy audit.  After an audit, your home will receive a HERS score of 1-250 based on its energy efficiency and recommendations for improving its score.  It is like a “MPG” for your home, but a lower score means a home is more energy efficient.

arrow To view a list of certified HERS Raters, click here.

arrow To receive a $400 HERS rating rebate, click here.

  • Energy Upgrade California (EUC) Audit – A whole home energy audit is a key part of the statewide Energy Upgrade California program, which provides rebates up to $4,000 for energy efficiency improvements.  An EUC Contractor or Rater will evaluate your home's energy efficiency and provide recommendations to make your home more energy efficient and comfortable.  This is an important step in accessing possible rebate funds.  Please find more information about the Energy Upgrade CA rebates below. 

arrow To view a list of Energy Upgrade California Contractors & Raters, click here.

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Step 2 - Plan & Finance Your Upgrades

After learning about what improvements your home needs, the next step is evaluating what tools are available to help you implement your upgrade project.  Below is a list of rebate and financing programs that can help you make your energy upgrade project a reality:

Rebates, Incentives, & Tax Credits

Energy Upgrade CA

  • Energy Upgrade California - Home Upgrade - Provides up to $4,500 in rebates to make whole home energy efficiency improvements such as insulation, air sealing, windows, furnaces, air conditioners, water heaters and appliances.  For higher rebate amounts, homes must receive an energy audit before and after the improvements.

arrow To learn more about Energy Upgrade California rebates, click here.

SDG&E Logo

  • SDG&E Rebates - Provides rebates for individual energy-saving home improvements such as water heaters, pool pumps, attic & wall insulation, furnace, room A/C, and clothes washer.  Some restrictions and eligibility requirements may apply.   

arrow To apply for an individual SDG&E rebate, click here.


  • Federal Tax Credits - Provides tax credits for certain energy efficiency improvements within a given year.

arrowTo learn more about federal energy efficiency tax credits, please click here.


LoanCommunity Revolving Loan Fund (Currently On-Hold)

Property-owners can now receive 0%-interest financing (plus a monthly $9.50 service fee) from the City of Chula Vista to complete energy efficiency retrofits or install solar energy systems to improve building energy performance and lower monthly energy bills.

Loans may be given to a variety of projects such as wall and attic insulation, water heater upgrades, efficient windows, solar hot water systems, and cool roofing.

In order to be eligible for a loan, the following conditions must be met:

  • The building being retrofitted must be located in Chula Vista.
  • Requested loan amount does not exceed 10% of the property value.
  • Lien to value ratio (including the requested loan amount) does not exceed 100%.
  • Retrofits and/or renewable energy installations must result in long-lasting energy savings and are subject to final inspection.
  • Funded projects must be completed by a contractor on the City’s Home Upgrade, Carbon Downgrade Eligible Contractors List.

Arrow For the program plan, including official rules & regulations, please click here.

Arrow For a Loan Application Packet, please click here.

Revolving Loan Fund - Eligible Contractors (Alphabetical)
Advanced Insulation of CA**
(877) 362-6621

L.B. Powers & Son Plumbing Co.

(619) 295-2115

Airmaxx, Inc.

(619) 655-3010

Milholland Electric Inc.

(858) 541-1097

Anderson Plumbing, Heating, & Air

(619) 449-7646

Mocard Group, Inc.**
(619) 426-2096

ASI Hastings**
(800) 481-2665
Phoenix Energy & Construction**
(760) 212-4392
Baker Electric
(760) 745-2001
Photon Solar Power Inc.
(888) SUN-ACDC
Chula Vista Electric
(619) 420-4500
Primo Plumbing
(619) 691-6829
Classic Residential, Inc.**
(619) 818-5793

Quality Mechanical Professionals**
(619) 449-2735

CleanTech Energy Solutions
(888) 765-2766
Solare Energy Inc.**
(800) 411-7652
Cosmic Solar
(760) 749-1111

Solaris Contractors**

(619) 985-8525

Electrical Solutions
(619) 754-6987

Spring Valley Insulation Contractors

(619) 463-0266

Empowered Energy Solutions**

(858) 292-6100

Sullivan Solar


Get Green Remodeling**
(858) 217-5800
Syntech, Inc.
(619) 908-0988
Greenwise Solutions, Inc.**
(800) 818-8636
West Coast Solar
(619) 557-0446

Jamar Power Systems
(888) 747-5723

Williams Family Construction
(619) 247-9510
Kalte Construction Company
(619) 656-0525
**Contractor also participating in statewide Energy Upgrade California program
Don't see a particular contractor on our list?
Ask them to sign up to be on the City's list - it is easy and free! | Click Here



Property-Owners:  Follow these easy steps to get started…

1.  Complete a brief SDG&E on-line energy survey (click here) to help you identify ways to make your home more energy efficient.

2.  Contact a contractor from the program’s “Eligible Contractor List” to receive a price quote for an energy-saving project.  Don’t see a particular contractor on the list?  Ask them to sign-up to be on the City’s list … it is easy and free!

3.  Review the program requirements to make sure that your energy-saving project & your property qualify for a low-interest loan.

4.  Complete & submit a loan application (click here) along with the necessary documentation.

Other Financing Programs

To learn about private financing options devoted to energy efficiency and renewable energy, click here.

Other Energy Assistance Programs


It’s easy to be green. Purchase high-efficiency, energy-star appliances. You’ll be investing in a green future! A helpful tip from Chula Vista CLEAN Businesses. Live green, shop green.

Special home upgrade programs available for income-qualified families: 

  • Energy Savings Assistance Program (ESAP) - Designed to help low-income families reduce their monthly bills, while making their homes more comfortable.  Participants may rent or own, and if eligible, SDG&E’s authorized contractors will come to their home and may provide FREE:
    • New, energy-efficient lighting
    • Repair or replacement of doors and windows
    • Microwaves, water heaters, refrigerators, and high-efficiency clothes washers
    • Insulation, weatherstripping, and caulking to lower heating and cooling costs

arrow To learn about the ESAP eligibility requirements & apply online, click here.


  • MAAC Healthy Homes - Similar to ESAP, provides no-cost weatherization to help qualifying households lower their utility bills and make their homes more energy efficient. 

arrow To find out if you qualify, contact the MAAC Project at 619-409-7588 or by clicking here.


  • Single-family Affordable Solar Homes (SASH) Program - Offers incentives on Solar Photovoltaic systems to qualifying low-income homeowners.  This means that if you qualify you may be eligible to receive a solar PV system at little or no cost!

arrow To learn about the SASH program eligibility requirements & apply online, click here.

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Step 3 - Upgrade & Enjoy the Benefits!

Now that you know what parts of your home need to be upgraded and what programs you can utilize, you can upgrade your house and start to benefit from improved comfort and lower energy bills!

Next Steps

There are other City programs to help improve your home's efficiency and sustainability:Cool CA Logo

  • Cool California Challenge New Challenge begins in 2014!

Help the City of Chula Vista win the Cool California Challenge, a statewide competition that recognizes jurisdictions for their “green” accomplishments.  The City has made it to the finalist round and has a chance to win the $100,000 grand prize and be declared the “Coolest California City! 

The City earns points in the Challenge when its residents and businesses reduce their energy use, ride bikes instead of driving, and adopt other sustainable behaviors.  More than 300 community members have already helped Chula Vista earn points. 

arrow To sign-up & help earn the City points, click here.


NWF Habitat Sign

  • NatureScape Certification

A program that helps residents implement sustainable landscaping practices through FREE community workshops and technical assistance.  Program participants can have their yard certified for FREE as a "Backyard Wildlife Habitat" through the National Wildlife Federation.

arrow To learn more about the NatureScape program, click here.

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