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Free Business Energy Evaluations

As part of the City's environmental leadership, businesses with storefronts or offices will be required to participate in a FREE on-site energy evaluation of their facilities (Chula Vista Municipal Code Chapter 20.04).  The energy evaluation, which is performed by City staff in about 30 minutes, must be completed in the calendar year when a new license is issued or every 4 years for an existing business license.  Businesses are encouraged, but not required, to perform any energy-savings retrofits or improvements identified through the on-site evaluation.

What are the benefits?
Chula Vista businesses will benefit from the new requirement, including:

  • FREE assistance identifying ways to reduce monthly energy and water costs
  • FREE energy and water rebate assistance and 0% interest financing options
  • FREE compact flourescent light bulbs, "smart" power strips, or other devices
  • FREE training on ways to easily track their energy and water costs
  • Future notice regarding free services and rebates for their specific business
  • Improve their competitiveness by lowering monthly utility costs
  • To view the Free Resource & Energy Business Evaluation (FREBE) flyer, click here.

    How does a business schedule an appointment?
    Businesses are able to easily schedule an evaluation appointment by calling (619) 409-3893 or by using the online appointment calendar (click on link below).  If an existing business doesn't set an appointment by March 1st, the City will set an evaluation date and time for the business during their regular business hours.  Newly licensed businesses will have 60 days to schedule an appointment at a convenient date and time.

    Online Appointment Calendar

    What happens if a business doesn't complete an on-site evaluation?
    If a business does not complete an on-site evaluation throughout the calendar year after receiving multiple notices, they will be assessed a fine of $15 or 5% of the business license fee (greater of two) which is collectable on the following year's business license and incurs a 6% interest rate per annum.

    Which businesses are exempt from the requirement?
    Home offices, mobile businesses, and other business entities that do not have a commercial utility gas or electric meter are exempt.  New businesses occupying a facility that has participated in the City's FREE on-site energy evaluation (or similar program) in the last four years are also exempt.  Contact the City's Conservation Section for information on additional exemptions.

    Need help? Contact the City's Conservation Section at 619-409-3893!


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