Council Member Patricia Aguilar

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Patricia Aguilar
 Patricia Aguilar

Chula Vista Mayor and Council Office
276 Fourth Avenue
Chula Vista, CA 91910

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Patricia (Pat) Aguilar was elected to the Chula Vista City Council on November 2, 2010, and re-elected to a second term in 2014. She is dedicated to her hometown, and is known as a councilmember who does her homework and asks questions before making decisions affecting the citizens she represents. Her three top priorities for Chula Vista are:

  • to maintain top-flight public safety services,
  • to construct a four-year public university,
  • to attract new well-paying jobs and businesses.

Ms. Aguilar brings to the city council many years' experience as a community volunteer, having served on several city boards and commissions, and as co-founder and past president of Crossroads II, a nonprofit grassroots organization dedicated to keeping Chula Vista a great place to live. Crossroads II has since become Chula Vista's largest grassroots civic group. Before retiring and becoming a full-time community volunteer, Ms. Aguilar had careers as both an urban planner and financial advisor.

Ms. Aguilar did not have a privileged upbringing, and experienced hardship and poverty firsthand-experiences which helped make her into the person she is today; a person with compassion for the regular working folks who make up the backbone of our proud city. Ms. Aguilar learned at an early age that if you don't feel safe in your own home, then you have little quality of life. This experience and the lessons learned from it remain with her to this day, and affect many of the decisions she has made as a councilmember, from increasing library hours for the benefit of families and children, to boosting the amount of funding to eradicate graffiti, to strongly supporting public safety.

Ms. Aguilar attended the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), where she earned a master's degree in Architecture and Urban Planning. She spent 15 years working at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) as Director of Physical Planning, where she was instrumental in the creation of the beautiful La Jolla campus. While working at UCSD, Ms. Aguilar met her husband, Nick Aguilar, an attorney who was then Director of Student Policies and Judicial Affairs for the university, and a decorated veteran of the Vietnam War. They married in 1990, blending their love of community and family, along with a sense of responsibility to the city they both call home.

One of Ms. Aguilar's notable accomplishments was her work to preserve the long-vacant "corner lot" at H Street and Otay Lakes Road, on the property of Southwestern College, for college uses. In the early 2000s Southwestern College entered into an agreement with a Los Angeles developer to build a strip mall on the corner lot. Ms. Aguilar met with residents and informed them of the college's plans. Almost without exception they, like Ms. Aguilar, wanted to see the corner lot developed -- but felt it should be developed with academic buildings consistent with the mission of the college, not a strip mall. Under Ms. Aguilar's leadership, she and her neighbors were successful in convincing the college board to terminate their agreement with the L. A. developer. Now the plans for the corner lot include a state-of-the-art wellness center with a gym and pools, and a new and improved performing arts and cultural center.

In addition to her grassroots community work, Ms. Aguilar has served on many formal city boards and commissions, including the Planning Commission, the Bayfront Citizens Advisory Committee, the Design Review Board (which she chaired for several years), the General Plan Update Steering Committee, the Redevelopment Advisory Committee, and the city's Development Process Oversight Committee. She has a strong commitment to public safety, and as a councilmember co-chaired the Council's Public Safety Subcommittee for two years. One of her sons is a lieutenant with the Chula Vista Police Department.

For several years Ms. Aguilar has hosted an informal series of monthly breakfast meetings, at which residents come to break bread and share ideas with city officials on topics as diverse as homelessness and infrastructure. She welcomes any and all input from citizens of Chula Vista, and values the opinions she receives. Please feel free to let her know how you feel, and what is most important to you as a resident of Chula Vista. She promises to get back to you quickly, and to always put the wishes of the community first and foremost. Please e-mail the councilwoman with your ideas and comments at, join her on Facebook, or follow her on Twitter at @PatAguilarCV. She looks forward to hearing from you!                                                                                                                       

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