Security Alarm Program


Chula Vista’s Security Alarm Ordinance (CVMC 9.06) requires that ALL locations with a security alarm system within city limits have a valid Alarm User’s Permit.

Security Alarm Application

Security Alarm Permit fees are $28.75 per year for both residential and business sites. 

Citizens and business owners can obtain permits, renew a permit, update permit information, pay permit fees, take the online false alarm awareness class, or pay false alarm fines online, by mail, or by calling (877) 503-6727 Monday - Friday, 6:30 am to 3:30 pm (via PMAM Corporation).

You may also complete and mail a Security Alarm Permit Application with payment to:

City of Chula Vista
Security Alarm Program
P.O. Box 142588
Irving, TX 75014


Fines for False Alarms

Every false alarm CVPD responds to will result in penalties as follows: 

  1. First violation: $100
  2. Second violation: $200
  3. Each additional false alarm within 12 months: $500 (billing will be based upon a rolling 12 month period.)

False Alarm Appeals

Alarm users can email an appeal for a false alarm to: within sixty (60) days of the false alarm.

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