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About The Public Works Department

 Engineering Operations

276 Fourth Avenue, Building B
Chula Vista, CA 91910

(619) 691-5021

John Lippitt Public Works Center
1800 Maxwell Road
Chula Vista, CA 91911

(619) 397-6000

The Public Works Department is responsible for providing and managing the City's infrastructure, parks and open space through high quality operations, maintenance and construction in order to optimize mobility, public and environmental health and safety. In January 2009, the Public Works, General Services and Engineering Departments merged to create the Department of Public Works. Our new structure can be viewed by clicking on our Departmental Organizational Chart.



The Engineering Division consists of the following lines of business:

  • Advanced Planning - Manages asset inventories, master plans and special studies to identify current and future deficiencies in the City's sewer, pavement, storm drain, wastewater disposal, and street systems to ensure that the City's infrastructure will adequately serve the community now and in the future.

  • Project Delivery - Design/Survey - Manages the delivery of Capital Improvement Projects (CIPs) through the entire life cycle to meet or exceed quality, scope, schedule and cost commitments to ensure that the city's infrastructure will adequately serve the community now and in the future.

  • Real Property - Provides full real estate support for all City Departments so they can successfully complete their mission.

  • Building and Park Construction - The Building and Park Construction Section manages, monitors and completes all new facility and park construction projects for the City, and ensures that all programming issues are addressed during the design/development and construction drawing phases of these projects.

  • Wastewater Engineering - The Wastewater Engineering Section provides wastewater management and financial services to residents so that they can receive dependable, economic, and equitable wastewater treatment and disposal.  Please visit our Sewer Rate page for additional information on your rate calculation. For information on the City of Chula Vista's wastewater collection, conveyance, and treatment capacity requirements, please visit our Wastewater Master Plan page.

  • Infrastructure Design - The Infrastructure Design Section is responsible for the preparation and development of construction documents, specifications and right-of-way acquisition necessary to successfully build the various infrastructure rehabilitation projects within the City of Chula Vista. The section provides the City with invaluable in-house expertise with respect to its ability to design and management both large and small Capital Improvement Projects (CIP).

  • Survey Services - The Survey Services Section is responsible for providing professional in-house expertise in construction staking, engineering design surveys for Capital Improvement (CIP) projects and design related survey information for roadways, sewer lines or other public improvements. The section also provides property surveys for City-related projects.


The Operations Division consists of the following lines of business:

  • Building Management - Provides maintenance, communication and custodial services to the public so they can receive the benefits of safe, clean and dependable city buildings, libraries and recreational facilities.
  • Drainage Management - Provides cleaning and maintenance services to residents and the public so they can have flood protection and improved water quality and the City is in compliance with environmental standards.
  • Fleet Management - Provides vehicles and equipment to City departments so they will have properly functioning vehicles that are up to date and specific to their missions.
  • Open Space Management - Provides landscape management, contract administration, and inspection services to residents and businesses so they can enjoy a safe, attractive, and maintained landscape.
  • Parks Management - Provide maintenance, security, and management services to the public, sports leagues, schools and Recreation Programs so they can enjoy a safe, clean, accessible, and playable environment throughout the parks.
  • Wastewater Management - Provides wastewater infrastructure maintenance services to residents, businesses and other City departments so they can benefit from a reliable and environmentally safe wastewater system.

Environmental & Fiscal Sustainability

The Environmental & Fiscal Sustainability Division consists of the following lines of business:

  • Conservation - Serves the community's environmental needs and assists in its pursuit of a healthy, prosperous, just and secure environment for all citizens. Staff works with and on behalf of the community to preserve and restore land, air, water and other natural resources in ways that advance the welfare of present and future generations.
  • Environmental Services - Provides comprehensive solid waste management services to citizens, businesses, City departments, and outside agencies so they can enjoy a cleaner, healthier environment through dependable and economical solid waste services.
  • Fiscal Services - Provides financial support services to City staff, the development community, and the public so they can successfully complete their business. 

This is all accomplished through the department’s commitment to provide a safe environment for the city’s residents and to keep the city beautiful. We provide the means for residents to live in the City, and get safely to work, schools, shops, businesses, offices, and other communities.

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