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Recycling & Solid Waste Planning Manual

Waste Management Report

Does your project require a Waste Management Report and/or a Performance Deposit?

If the Project is... Waste Management Report Required Performance Deposit Required *
A residential remodel or upgrade.



An individually built single-family home




A demolition project larger than 1,000 sq. ft.




A demolition project smaller than 1,000 sq. ft.




A commercial tenant improvement smaller than 1,000 sq. ft.



A commercial tenant improvement larger than 1,000 and  smaller than 10,000 sq. ft.  YES  NO

A commercial tenant improvement larger than 10,000 sq. ft.


A housing subdivision or any sequential development in it's entirety  YES  YES

* Performance Deposits are based on the valuation of the project.

  • Building project deposits are calculated at .75%
  • Demolition project deposits are calculated at 1.5%
  • Maximum deposit amount - $30,000

May be paid by cash, check or surety bond (if over $10,000).


Mandatory Recycling of Construction and Demolition Debris (CVMC 8.25.095)


In Chula Vista construction and demolition projects must divert their waste from landfill disposal. The Mandatory Construction and Demolition Debris Recycling Ordinance (CVMC 8.25.095) requires that 100% of inert materials and a minimum of 65% of all other materials be recycled and/or reused from certain "covered" projects.

Covered projects (as described below) must submit to the Environmental Services Division 1) a Waste Management Report(WMR), which must be reviewed and approved prior to the issuance of a demolition or building permit. The WMR form will indicate how you will recycle and/or reuse 100% of inert materials and at least 65% of the remaining construction and demolition debris generated from the project. See the two lists of recyclable construction and demolition materials below. 2) a Performance Deposit, which can be paid with cash, or check, or surety bond (if the Performance Deposit is calculated at $10,000 or more). See CVMC 8.25.095 for details.

Recycle and/or reuse 100% of inert material

Recycle and/or reuse 50% of other materials

  • Asphalt/concrete
  • Brick/masonry/tile


  • Dirt/rock
  •  Mixed inerts (mixed items must be taken to an approved mixed processing facility)
  • Landscape and brush clearing debris (brush, trees, stumps, etc.)
  • Cabinets, doors, fixtures, windows
  • Cardboard
  • Carpet
  • Carpet (padding/foam only)
  • Ceiling tile (acoustic)
  • Drywall (used)
  • Drywall (new, unpainted, or scrap)
  • Mixed debris (consists of a mix of any materials in this list)
  • Roofing materials
  • Scrap metal
  • Stucco
  • Unpainted wood & pallets

Covered Projects

The following projects will be required to submit a Waste Management Report and Performance Deposit prior to permit issuance:

  • Projects requiring a permit for demolition or construction, unless described as a non-covered project.
  • Housing subdivision construction or demolition and/or any sequenced development will be considered a "project" in its entirety and not a series of individual projects.
  • Tenant improvements greater than 1, 000 sq. feet but less than 10,000 sq. feet and individual single-family home construction, remodel, addition or renovation, shall submit a Waste Management Report only
  • All City projects

Non-Covered Projects

A WMR form and Performance Deposit will not be required for the project types listed below. However, these projects are encouraged to divert at least 50% of the construction and demolition debris generated by this project.constguy

  • Work for which a building or demolition permit is not required.
  • Roofing projects that do not include tear-off of existing roof
  • Work for which only a plumbing, electrical, or mechanical permit is required
  • Seismic tie-down projects
  • Projects less than 1,000 square feet, where no structural building modifications are required
  • Emergency demolition required to protect public health and safety


Waste Management Report (WMR)

The WMR will be reviewed and must be approved prior to issuance of a building or demolition permit. The Waste Management Compliance Official will have ten (10) business days to respond with an approval, a denial or a request for more information Call (619) 585-5669 or email

Performance Deposit

scrapmetalThe applicant for any covered project shall submit a Performance Deposit to the City. The deposit is calculated at 0.75% (three quarters of one percent) of the total project cost for new construction and 1.5% (one and one-half percent) of the total project cost for demolition projects, or $30,000 maximum. Valuation will be established using the City's Development Services Department standard project valuation tables.

Acceptable forms of Performance Deposit payment include cash or check. A surety bond is also an acceptable form of payment for deposits that are calculated at $10,000 or more. All sureties will be in a form prescribed by the City; insurers must be authorized in the State of California and satisfy all State requirements.

The Performance Deposit will be paid when all permit fees and deposits are paid. Upon completion of the project, the deposit will be refunded based upon the recycling goals being met. If only a portion of the goal has been met, the deposit refund will be prorated.

Performance Deposit Refund

Within thirty (30) days after demolition is completed (if a demolition permit only) or thirty (30) days after the issuance of a certificate of occupancy or at the time of issuing the last certificate of occupancy for units within a phased project of any covered project, the applicant should submit documentation that he or she has met the diversion requirements for the project. The documentation must include all of the following:

  • A copy of the completed WMR form in its entirety.
  • Receipts/weight tickets from the vendor or facility that received each material clearly listing the type of material that was recycled and the actual volume or weight of that material. Any receipts/weight tickets for garbage disposal are also required.
  • Photographs and narrative documentation of the applicant's reuse/salvage activities such as grinding up old concrete to use for pipe bed. When appropriate, narrative documentation from the company that reused the material(s) is required.

Upon receipt of the completed WMR with all required documentation, the WMR Compliance Official will have thirty (30) days to confirm that the diversion goals have been met (100% of inert materials and at least 50% of remaining debris was recycled/reused and request a release of the applicant's Performance Deposit.

If an applicant fails to submit a final WMR with documentation within thirty (30) days of project completion, the entire performance deposit will be forfeited and will remain the property of the City.

The Performance Deposit and any accrued interest shall be returned to the applicant if the recycling requirements are met in full. If the recycling requirements are not met, the Performance Deposit and associated interest will be refunded on a prorated basis. There are no administrative fees charged for this process as the administrative costs are covered under the AB939 fee charged on all solid waste service invoices.


Diversion Exemptions

There is a provision for granting an exemption if due to unique circumstances, it is infeasible to meet the diversion requirements (example: asbestos piping, or asbestos ceiling tiles). The WMR Compliance Official will work with the applicant to establish a modified diversion requirement.

Appeal Process

The applicant may appeal the determination made by the WMR Compliance Official. Appeals shall be made to the City Manager or designee. The appeal shall be in writing and filed with the City Clerk within 10 business days of receipt of the WMR Compliance Official's decision.

The appeal shall be limited to the following issues:

  1. The granting or denial of an exemption
  2. The amount of security to be released

The decision of the City Manager or designee shall be final.


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