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Police Car Repair
Engine Repairs
Nonpotable Water

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Measure P Progress 

  • Floyd Avenue - On February 15, Floyd Avenue was repaved -- the first Measure P street repair project.  Learn More >
  • Measure P funds were used to purchase two new fire engines for Station 7. Learn More >
  • Measure P funds will improve streets throughout the City. View searchable street list. Learn More >

What is Measure P?

Chula Vista voters approved Measure P – a temporary, ten-year, half-cent sales tax to fund high priority infrastructure needs. Collection of the sales tax began April 1, 2017. The sales tax is projected to raise $178 million. The Chula Vista City Council has approved an initial expenditure of $3.2 million of Measure P sales tax funds for infrastructure.

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Get Involved!

The next Citizens' Oversight Committee meeting is Thursday, July 27 from 6 - 8 p.m. View the agenda here.

The following are the most critical needs for funding



Traffic Signal Systems

Police upgrades
Police Department Assets


About CVFD
Fire Department Assets

Repairs to libraries, senior center, and recreation centers
Libraries & Rec Centers


Repair to sports fields, courts and park infrastructure
Fields, Courts & Parks

Storm Drains
Storm Drains


Water & Energy Conservation


Citizens Oversight Committee

The Measure P Citizens Oversight Committee (COC) is composed of 16 members. The purpose of the COC is to review and report on all Measure P expenditure plans, financial reports, and audits. Eleven of the COC members serve as “Designated Members.” Designated Members nominated by local organizations and individuals such as the Chula Vista Chamber of Commerce, Chula Vista Youth Sports Council, Chula Vista Growth Management Oversight Commission, and the Chula Vista Police and Fire chiefs. The remaining five members are “At-Large Members” selected from a pool of applicants who applied directly to the City. “At-Large Members” include at least one resident from each of the four City Council districts.

Learn more about the Citizen Oversight Committee.


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