Chula Vista Fire Department

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Chula Vista Fire Department 

Protecting Life, Environment & Property

With nine fire stations and approximately 120 personnel, the Chula Vista Fire Department (CVFD) protects life, environment and property by responding to over 15,000 calls annually to a population of nearly 250,000 covering 52 square miles.
Department personnel do more than fight fires. They also provide a multitude of services including fire prevention, rescue calls, medical emergencies, fire inspections, disaster preparedness, water safety awareness, hazardous waste
response and public education.

Protecting life is critical and response must be fast and accurate. The CVFD is dispatched to calls for help using state of the art technology that identifies the location of the emergency and then dispatches the closest and most appropriate
emergency resource. This advanced technology results in the quickest response possible ensuring our residents receive the best 911 service available.

Like in most cities, 75 percent of calls for service in Chula Vista are medical emergencies. To become even more efficient in providing services, the department embarked on a First Responder Paramedic Program. The City’s
fire medics now have the ability to provide Advanced Life Support (ALS) services to those who need assistance including starting an IV, defibrillating the heart, decompressing a collapsed lung, and other first-aid procedures. This
program, which began in 2013, provides for a faster and more efficient ALS system.

Our personnel are able to hone their skills at the city’s Fire Training Center located in eastern Chula Vista. The training center is staffed by both sworn and civilian personnel. Through this exemplary program, the department has become the
leader for Technical Rescue Training, and staff provide training for firefighters and first responders from throughout the country.

The department also operates an Emergency Operations Center (EOC). The EOC is used to support all city residents and services in the event of a disaster or emergency. The EOC is staffed by highly trained city and emergency services
personnel. The main focus of the EOC is to protect and support the community by focusing on life safety, evacuation needs, and maintaining public utilities.

Community education and outreach efforts include promoting Fire Prevention Week, implementing a comprehensive drowning prevention program, and providing school programs and public education presentations.

Volunteer opportunities are available with the Chula Vista Fireghters Foundation, Fire Explorer Program and Citizens Adversity Support Team (C.A.S.T.).
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