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Our December Artist Spotlight highlights two talented females from Chula Vista, who are creating a buzz in our creative community. Scroll down to learn more about their aesthetic and who they are.


Valentina Alonzo

Valentina was raised in a household that encouraged art and creativity at a young age. She began making films at age 13 and from then on she knew she wanted to be a filmmaker.

Valentina exposed herself to anything that had to do with film. She started off as the main editor of her High School, Hilltop High School, news broadcast class. She also took up an internship at Ocean West Production Studios, working on a variety of projects for the city of San Diego, including a project for the Starlight Theater in Balboa Park. She has taken multiple film courses at Southwestern College and has submitted her short films to various contests. Not only does she make films, however, she also likes to explore every medium of art, including photography, painting, and graphic design. Her artwork has been in multiple contests and has had the opportunity to showcase her work in Chula Vista and San Diego areas. Valentina understands the importance of art and recognizes the need for art in communities. She believes that incorporating art into communities not only brings a sense of togetherness but also provides an excellent way to network with local artists. Her films reflect issues that others can relate to from personal experience. Many of these issues are seen as taboo or are kept in the dark merely from fear of expression. Valentina makes every attempt to highlight these issues and bring them to light through her films. In her short film, “A Day at The Pool” A Day at The Pool Short Film she metaphorically uses a swimming pool to represent life and narrates all of the pressures that a person goes through in their every day lives. She prefers to take a darker approach to her films and finds inspiration from those she is closest to and the things they are going through.

Valentina now has her own YouTube channel, Valentina Alonzo Channel where she posts all of her short films. She is also the Vice President of the Film, Television, and Media Arts club at Southwestern College. She owns her own company, Forma Urbana Productions that services in filming and editing of special events, weddings, quinceañeras, etc. Her goal is to continue to make short films and work in LA as an editor.

To view some of her short films, please visit these links:

I Won't Stay Quiet Short Film

The Van Life Short Film

Everything Is Fine Now Short Film

To contact Forma Urbana Productions for any special events, please email:


Katarzyna Lappin

I was born in Warsaw, Poland. I was 23 when I started painting and it was in 1988. Between 1988 and 1992 I received private instructions from a professional artist, learning techniques of XVII Dutch Masters. I was also experimenting with my own ideas and  styles. I worked in business management and art was a hobby with occasional sales or freelance assignments.  In 1999 I met my husband, who lived in Bay Area, CA. In 2000 I moved to California and soon after we got married. Our two children came along.  In 2005 we moved to Chula Vista, California.

In January 2010 I started my art business.  My initial art project was creating a series of twenty paintings in honor of the centennial year of my city, Chula Vista, CA.  My collection was displayed in Chula Vista City Hall, San Diego Superior Court South Division, Chula Vista South Branch Public Library and a local church. In 2012 I published a book "Katarzyna Lappin - Paintings of Chula Vista"  with my painting collection and a documentary video produced by my husband David Lappin. The documentary presents my journey through the project, with interviews, local sceneries and centennial events of Chula Vista.

The main painting from my centennial series, "Lemon City - Chula Vista" is gracing the opening page of the book "Chula Vista Centennial - A Century of People and Progress", written by historian Steven Shoenherr and published by the City of Chula Vista in 2011.

I was featured  in "My Hometown" Magazine, SouthBay Compass and Quarterly Magazine of Still Point Art Gallery, December 2016.

As a member of several art organizations I am actively involved in local art events and shows.  Since 2011 till the end of 2012 I was serving on board of the  Chula Vista Cultural Arts Commission.

I display my art through local and national shows, art fairs, annual open studio events, community centers, and a local art gallery.

In 2015 I accepted the nomination to be a President of the Chula Vista Art Guild and I served one year term.

Be sure to check out Katarzyna's website here And to follow her on Instagram at @katarzynalappinart .

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