Steven Suiter

Instagram: @ssuiterart


Steven Suiter began drawing as a child, with his older brother helping him focus his obsession with anthropomorphic comic book characters and Dungeons and Dragons manuals into creating his own art. As a teenager, skateboarding, punk rock and hip-hop helped add a touch of disorder to his approach. Steven also looked to literature, mythology and the folklore of his Costa Rican heritage to learn the value of a good story.


After a break to concentrate on creative writing and earning an English degree, Steven has returned to drawing animals, humans and animal-human hybrids, that are building their own mythology, while struggling to deal with shared threats and each other.



Elvina Adams




Elvina Adams has been dancing since the age of three, starting with tap and jazz at Body Arts Center. In middle school and high school she studied cultural dances such as Ballet Folkorico and Tinikling, a Filipino folk dance. In high school she fell in love with hip hop and choreographing, shortly after graduating she began her training at Team Millennia’s studio in Orange County. From there, she  joined the dance troupe Culture Shock San Diego and trained in various styles. After Culture Shock, she joined the hip hop team Super Galactic Beat Manipulators, as well as the Bollywood company Divine Desi Dance. Over the years she has performed with various choreographers and artists all throughout San Diego, including Culture Shock Dance Center, Team Millennia, Melinda Sa, Academy of Performing Arts, Momo, Myriam Lucas, Eveoke Dance Center, Timmy Wasserman, Sean Memije, Studio 429, Anthony Rodriguez, Gloria Lanuza, and Super Galactic Beat Manipulators. Elvina's teaching portfolio is extensive as well, she has taught at Culture Shock, Grossmont College, workshops at USD for their Summer Bridge program, and has created award winning hip hop competition sets for Ramona Julian Academy of Dance and Arwen Daniels Dance Academy.



She currently teaches at the Old Globe for their Summer Shakespeare Studio, choreographing and staging the dance and musical theater portions. This wide range of training has blended into the unique style that Elvina presents today. Her main focus now is on producing her own dance shows, creating tailored performances for companies, and hosting various workshops/private lessons where she helps dancers find their self confidence and own voice. Follow the link here to see Elvina and her dancers performing in Colachis Plaza.

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