Armando Nunez


Armando Nunez Islas is a local Chula Vista artist who has resided in this community all of his professional life. He worked for the Sweetwater Union High School District for over ten years, as well as The Star News in Chula Vista. As a multidisciplinary artist he has worked in advertising, stage design for theatre and film, and a wide variety of positions in the Arts world. Armando designed the Barrio Logan gateway sign, collaborated on the first mural in Chicano Park, and has done several public projects throughout San Diego. He continues to create and exhibit his art all around the world. Currently, Armando is working with Cultural Art Chula Vista on two important public art projects in the city.





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Michelle Ruby Guerrero

Instagram: @MrBBaby

Originally from Chula Vista, California, Michelle was inspired by her mother, an artist, to begin expressing herself through art from an early age. She studied illustration at the Academy of art in San Francisco, where she was able to grow and learn form the city. She moved on to the city of Los Angeles where she began teaching art full-time. Although she loved teaching, she knew it was not her passion. She desired something more, something that would allow her passion for art flourish. She ended up finding her form of expression through panting murals. She started her career as a muralist using a paintbrush, that she found to be too long of a process. In search of a more practical method, she purchased wooden panels and taught herself how to use aerosol paint. “It has been an incredible journey and nothing has brought me more joy than painting has, when people ask what I think the key to happiness is, I can confidently say I found mine, painting.” -Artist, Michelle Guerrero

She currently resides in her hometown of San Diego but travels constantly for work. She has been commissioned by brands such as Converse, McDonald’s, Random House, Vellum Wellness, and many more. She has been featured on KPBS, as well as Frontera TV for her artistic pursuit. Recently, Michelle was commissioned to create and art piece in real time, in participation with the Seven Mile Casino in Chula Vista for their Big 24-Hour Giveback, a 24-hour fundraiser for local organization, South Bay Community Services. The fundraiser generated over $75,000, and Michelle’s piece was auctioned off for $2000 and donated to Mi Escuelita Preschool in Chula Vista. Currently, Michelle is working with Cultural Arts Chula Vista on two important public art projects, in collaboration with Chula Vista Public Works here in the city.




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