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There are many adoptable animals waiting for a home... just like yours. Here is a staff favorite that is currently at the facility.

Featured PetCoco came to the shelter on December 7 confiscated for cruelty.  His owner was moving away and was rehoming Coco and his friend Smokey with the neighbor.  It is unknown how it happened but Smokey had bit his new owner. This person unwilling to care for his new pets tossed Coco and Smokey back over the fence.  But the family had already moved. So, here were Smokey and Coco abandoned in the back yard.

The Chula Vista Animal Care Facility received a call form the Chula Vista Police Department about the abandoned dogs.  Coco and Smokey were impounded.  Smokey, due to the bite was placed in quarantine for 10 days to make sure he did not have rabies. Once released from quarantine Smokey went into a foster home seeking rehabilitation for his fear issues and is doing well.

Coco on the other hand is still at the shelter looking for his furrever home. He has been treated for flea allergies, kennel cough, and had a complete dental cleaning done. He is about 4 years of age and is a Chihuahua\Rat Terrier mix.    When he came to the shelter he was weighing in about 11.5 pounds which is a perfect weight for him.  But he has gotten a bit chubby due to lack of exercise.  Coco would do best in a home with kids over 12 yeas of age and a family dedicated to training and exercising him.

His special adoption fee is $25.  If you are interested in Coco please contact his Adoption Counselor at 619-691-5174 or at

Help Coco find his furrever home before another month goes by.



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