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  Human Resources Department

About Us

The Human Resources Department is committed to providing superior services to employees, departments and the public; to ensure an informed, quality work force and community, while treating everyone with fairness, dignity and respect.

Human Resources Administration

The Human Resources Department (HR) develops and manages the delivery of human resources services and programs including employment, recruitment and testing; compensation, benefits, health, and safety; training and development; collective bargaining and labor-management relations; classification, records, and automated support; conflict resolution and employee counseling on HR related matters; volunteer services; and serves as a staff liaison to the Civil Service Commission. 

Major functions of Human Resources Administration are:

  • Providing day-to-day administration of the department
  • Overseeing 16 HR staff serving over 1,200 full-time and part-time City of Chula Vista employees
  • Advising departments on the interpretation and application of city policies and procedures
  • Establishing discipline guidelines and providing advice to departments
  • Coordinating the Threat Assessment and Response Team, and critiquing cases for improvements
  • Providing staff assistance to the Civil Service Commission
  • Providing budgetary management for a $5 million operating budget

Labor Relations

The City of Chula Vista recognizes and supports the right of many of our employees to be part of collective bargaining units. Human Resources Administration promotes and maintains a positive labor relations climate between the bargaining units and management.   As a member of the City’s negotiating team, we plan and conduct collective bargaining sessions with five recognized bargaining units (CVEA, IAFF, POA, CVMM/PR, and WCE). We collect and analyze information year-round to prepare for negotiations that formally begin when the bargaining units submit their proposals, and end when agreement is reached and the City Council approves the negotiated agreements.

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) Administration

We provide assistance to departments, individual employees and the unions with questions or concerns regarding the interpretation of provisions contained within the MOUs.

Labor/Management Committee 

We ensure that labor/management committee meetings are conducted in a fair and open manner. Our goal is to discuss and address issues in a timely manner and support positive labor/management relationships.

Grievance and Arbitration Process

Human Resources staff assists departments in resolving grievances at all steps of the process. We facilitate settlement meetings between unions and department managers.

Investigations and Discipline Review

We review and approve formal discipline and provide staff support to the Civil Service Commission when the discipline is appealed.  We advise departments on the appropriate level of discipline.  We assist departments with the investigation process, and help to resolve complaints, at the lowest possible level.

Policy Review/Interpretation

We advise departments on the interpretation of the City’s Human Resources Policies and Procedures and we review and revise the policies and procedures on an ongoing basis.

Employment Services

Our goal is to attract the best and brightest to our organization and help to create an environment in which employees can flourish. The Employment Services staff meets this goal through daily commitment to integrity, customer service delivery, results, responsiveness, change, growth, teamwork, and quality customer information and education.

The Employment Service Division is the "first stop" potential employees make to identify employment and career opportunities with the city. Applicants experience first-hand seamless customer service as they peruse our job board.  Applicants may also apply for jobs via the Internet through our electronic application.   Our staff assists with recruitment questions and provides career guidance and information about the City's hiring and selection methods.

Recruiting and testing analysts strive to identify qualified applicants to fill job vacancies at all levels. We do this by developing recruitment plans, identifying appropriate labor markets, composing and placing advertisements, identifying essential job requirements, and developing valid job-related testing and evaluation instruments in compliance with local, state and federal guidelines. Applicants are given the opportunity to demonstrate their employment strengths through each phase of the recruitment process. The end result is an eligible list of qualified, diverse candidates. 

Filling key senior and executive positions is a priority for Employment Services' recruitment efforts. Consulting assistance is provided to operating departments by creating job flyers; screening resumes for applicants; writing interview questions; identifying qualified, diverse interview panel members; and providing interview panel instruction and informational packets for both the panel and candidates. These processes are monitored closely, with Employment Services staff providing assistance on the day of the interview.

Key recruitments conducted by this section include the administration of ongoing Police Recruit exams and an annual Firefighter Recruit exam. These exams draw thousands of applicants over the course of the year. Getting new employees into vacancies in a timely manner helps departments maintain a high level of cost-effective and efficient service to city residents, which is a goal we all share at the City of Chula Vista.

Career information sessions are held periodically, and as part of career fairs, to provide applicants not currently employed with the City with an overview of our recruitment and selection process. Applicants are encouraged to attend these sessions to obtain general information to assist them in their career decisions.

Other programs and functions:

  • Employment-related training is available to City employees to enhance their career opportunities within our organization. Course topics include best practices for resume writing, hiring, performance management and conducting internal fact-finding investigations.

  • Transfers enabling qualified employees to be placed on eligibility lists for other city positions. Employment Services staff reviews transfer requests to determine if an employee's experience and education meet the minimum qualifications of the desired position. If an employee is deemed qualified, his or her name is placed on the eligible list along with other potential candidates.

  • Employment Services reviews reinstatement requests, which are an option for employees within a three-year timeframe of leaving.

Classification & Compensation

The City of Chula Vista employs more than 1,200 employees in a multitude of areas and functions. Each job is included in a classification that defines its job description and level in the organization. The classification system partners with our compensation structure to determine pay levels and ensure that the employees are working and being paid at the appropriate levels.

Our responsibilities include conducting studies of positions and making recommendations on proper job classification, compensation, and writing and revising job descriptions based on these studies.

Staff also has responsibility for updating and maintaining the City's Salary Schedule Plan, Pay Ordinance, and administrative regulations that relate to classification and compensation. In addition, we conduct and respond to pay and benefit surveys, provide advice on FLSA issues, provide management and supervisory training and support labor negotiations with the City's unions and employee associations.

Additionally, we provide consultation and advice to departments in a variety of areas, including changes in positions; performance management programs; salary review and adjustment programs; and resolution of classification and compensation disputes.

Records Management

The Human Resources Department maintains official personnel files and performance evaluations of every City employee, and manages all internal and external inquiries about City employees (subpoenas and public records requests).

Human Resources staff answers questions about Civil Service Rules, employment status, and other important dates and employment milestones.

Staff also processes and reviews transactions for hiring, promotions, demotions, or terminations, and advise departments in the areas of pay, employment status, Civil Service rights, leave, and placement.

Our staff also ensures that the proper paperwork is in place to fill positions, and intervenes, when appropriate, to facilitate employee transfers.

Citywide Volunteer Coordination

The Human Resources Department assists citywide departments in coordinating, recruiting, and tracking over 1,000 annual volunteers.  Volunteers provide service to all City departments, especially the libraries, recreation facilities, police department, animal care facility, and fire department.  Staff oversees the volunteer recruitment process, ensuring new volunteers receive orientation and background checks, when necessary.  Support is provided to recruit volunteers and unpaid interns for requesting departments.



The Benefits Division administers a variety of programs and is committed to implementing comprehensive employee benefits by providing support and personal assistance to our valued employees, retirees, dependents, and service providers. 

We offer the following comprehensive, affordable benefit options to eligible employees.

  • Health Coverage

  • Dental Coverage

  • Vision Coverage

  • Basic Group Life (and Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance

  • Voluntary Supplemental Life Insurance

  • Flex Plan

  • Retirement

Other services include:

  • Short/Long Term Disability

  • Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

  • Retirement – California Public Employees Retirement System (CalPERS). 

  • Retiree Health Plan and COBRA Administration Survivor Benefits coordination upon the death of an employee

  • Exit Interviews

Wellness Program Services

  • Provide free wellness classes and screening on various topics including disease management, stress management, weight management, back care, cholesterol control, nutrition, and hypertension.

  • In addition to classes offered by the insurance providers, education is provided by other agencies on topics such as money management, parenting, anger control, domestic violence, elder care and stress management.

  • Annually provide flu shots to employees.

  • Maintains an up-to-date website at:

  • Coordinate a citywide health and wellness fair in conjunction with the annual open enrollment for benefits. 

  • We help you get through difficult times.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) 1-(800) 342-8111                 

The City contracts with Horizon Health to provide the Employee Assistance Program (EAP).  When problems arise that may affect employees and their household members physically or emotionally, the EAP offers a full array of programs and services.  

Employee Development

New Employee Orientation (NEO)

NEO is held on a regular basis and is a mandatory, one-day session for all new City employees. This orientation provides new employees with an excellent overview of City departments, key personnel, programs, benefits, and policies and procedures.

Employee Training and Development Opportunities

We offer a variety of programs, classes, and services including management and supervisory training, computer skills, and professional development courses.  We also manage the Tuition Reimbursement Program. 

Supervisory Development Programs

Supervisory development is designed for new supervisors.  Classes are taught throughout the year and cover important supervisory topics such as performance management, discipline, hiring, workplace violence prevention and equal opportunity. 

Performance Management Systems

In order to ensure that we are providing the best services possible, we have performance evaluation tools for all employees. The Performance Management Program is a system for Executives, Senior, Middle Managers and supervisors to plan, track, evaluate, and reward performance. Human Resources provide citywide and individualized training and support in the use of this system.  There is a Performance Management guide and training is provided up to four times a year. 

Workplace Violence Prevention Program

This program trains managers, supervisors and employees on issues related to workplace violence prevention. The goal of the program is to inform employees of their roles and responsibilities in reducing the risk of workplace violence and their "duty to act" in response to an incident.

Tuition and Training Reimbursement Program

We offer a reimbursement program to assist employees in becoming more effective and efficient at work by expanding job knowledge and upgrading their skills. The program provides tuition reimbursement for costs associated with taking job-related courses at accredited institutions. It also provides reimbursement to eligible employees for job-related memberships and seminars.  Tuition reimbursement amounts are based on MOU agreements.

Support Services

Support Services staff provide the following services/support to City departments:

  • Front counter assistance

  • Applicant tracking

  • Answer general HR-related questions

  • Refer employees and the public to the appropriate HR staff

  • Handle payroll functions and other fiscal related tasks

  • Collection and distribution of mail

  • Provide clerical support to the Civil Service Commission and the HR Management team

  • Administers Employee of the Month program.

Disability Management

This division provides comprehensive disability management services to our employees and their departments.   The goal of this program is to return injured or ill employees to the work force as soon as they are able.  In the interim we ensure that employees are receiving any income protection to which they are entitled.    The Disability Manager coordinates the following programs:

Short/Long Term Disability

The City provides non-sworn employees who are working at least 20 hours per week with Short and Long Term Disability Plans.  These plans provide financial protection to the employee by paying a portion of their income while they are disabled.  There is a 30-day elimination period for the Short Term Plan that provides 60% of the employee’s weekly earnings up to a maximum benefit of $1,732 per week.  The elimination period for the Long Term Plan is 90 days and provides up to 60% of the employee’s monthly earnings to a maximum of $7,500 per month.  Disability income protection programs are provided to sworn personnel through their respective bargaining units.

Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)/California Family Rights Act (CFRA)

To the extent not already provided under the City’s leave policies and provisions the City provides family and medical care leave to eligible employees as required by state and federal laws.  This leave is permitted for the birth or care for a newborn of an employee, the placement of a child with an employee in connection with the adoption or foster care of a child; leave to care for a child, parent or a spouse (CFRA extends this to registered domestic partners) who has a serious health condition; or leave for the employee’s own serious health condition.

Workers’ Compensation

Although the City’s workers’ compensation claims are administered by a third party (Tri-Star Risk Management) the Disability Manager plays an active role in facilitating the process, ensuring benefits are paid timely, and working with departments to identify modified duty opportunities for the injured employee. 

Donated Leave

Employees may donate their existing vacation, floating holiday, management leave and/or compensatory time, on an hour-for-hour basis, to other employees who are required to be absent from work due to their own injury or prolonged illness or to care for an immediate family member.

Training for supervisors, employees, and payroll staff on these programs are provided regularly and are available on-request.


Safety in the City

The City is committed to establishing and maintaining a safe and healthy environment for our employees and the public with effective safety programs.  Risk Management’s Safety Program has been tasked with oversight of all City safety efforts.  Our plan is to provide a systematic way to minimized incident frequency and severity, contribute to positive morale, effectively maintain the City’s resources and increase operational efficiency. 

Following are some of the programs aimed at fulfilling these goals:

City-wide Safety Committee

A Committee comprised of representatives from the City’s major operations/facilities meets on a monthly basis to:

  • Review the results of periodic, scheduled workplace inspections to identify any needed safety procedures or programs and to track specific corrective actions.

  • Review supervisor’s investigations of accidents and injuries to ensure that all causes have been identified and corrected.

  • Where appropriate, submit suggestions to department management for the prevention of future incidents.

  • Review alleged hazardous conditions brought to the attention of any committee member, determine necessary corrective actions, and assign responsible parties and correction deadlines.

  • When determined to be necessary by the Committee, the Committee may conduct its own investigation of accidents and/or alleged hazards to assist in establishing corrective actions.

  • Submit recommendations to assist department managements in the evaluation of employee safety suggestions. 

Injury and Illness Prevention Program

Safety Staff works with all departments/employees to ensure compliance with Title 8 of the California Code of Regulations that requires every California employer to have a written effective Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP). 

The elements of this plan are: 

  • Management commitment/assignment of responsibilities

  • Safety communications system with employees

  • System for assuring employee compliance with safe work practices;

  • Scheduled inspections/evaluation systems;

  • Accident investigations

  • Procedures for correcting unsafe/unhealthy conditions

  • Safety and health training and instruction

  • Record keeping and documentation.

Employee Health and Safety Training

Safety training essential to an employee’s job is provided at no cost to employee and is conducted during the employee’s normal working hours on City time.  Qualified knowledgeable individuals that may include supervisors, qualified outside consultants, and Safety staff present these trainings. 

Some of the topics we provide training on are: 

  • Bloodborne Pathogens

  • Chemical spill reporting procedures

  • Confined space

  • Defensive driving

  • Disaster preparedness and response, including building evacuation procedures

  • Fire prevention plan

  • Fire extinguisher use

  • Hazard communication, including training on MSDS, chemical hazards and container labeling

  • Health and safety for computer users

  • Hearing conservation

  • CPR and First Aid

  • Personal Protective Equipment

  • Proper housekeeping

  • Respiratory Protection Program

  • Traffic Control and Flagger Safety

  • Trenching and shoring

  • Welding safety

  • Lockout/Tagout

Consultative Services

Staff also provides consultation to assist City operations in identifying and correcting hazards.  This includes interpretation of regulations, job safety analyses, accident trend analysis and loss prevention recommendations.

We provide indoor air quality/mold assessments, ergonomic evaluations, facility safety inspections, TB Screening, and respirator fit testing and physicals.

Staff administers the city-wide Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) Program, manages the Department of Motor Vehicles Pull Notice Program and the random drug and alcohol-testing program for Commercial Drivers as required by the DOT.

Staff manages the Safety store providing personal protective equipment to employees as needed.

Loss Control

Claims Against the City

The City Council has delegated claims administration functions and settlement of claims up to $50,000 to the City’s Risk Manager.  Through the Loss Control Program claims against the City are received and investigated.  Based on the investigation the claim is either settled, tendered to the responsible party outside of the City, or is denied.  When required, claims are reported to our excess insurers to preserve the City’s right to coverage.  Staff works closely with defense counsel to ensure timely reporting of claims to insurers and in settling cases.  

Insurance Services

Loss Control staff provides consultative services to all City departments on insurance matters, whether to provide evidence of insurance to parties with whom we do business or to determine the appropriate levels of insurance to require from vendors, contractors and consultants.  This involves reviewing contracts and agreements between the City and outside parties to determine the City’s exposure to risks and how best to protect the City from those risks. 

All insurance for the City’s liability, property, workers’ compensation, pollution liability, bond crime, boilers and machinery is placed, and claims for coverage under these policies are provided, by Risk Management.

Recoveries for Damages to City Property

When City property is damaged by an outside party, Loss Control staff is aggressive in seeking reimbursement from insurance companies or the uninsured party.  Staff averages $200k per year in revenue from these endeavors. 


If you have other questions or comments, please call

Kelley Bacon Director of Human Resources 691-5144
Teri Enos  Risk Manager  691-5284
Irene Mosley Operations Manager 409-5927
Edith Quicho Benefits Manager   585-5620
Kim Stevens  Disability Manager   409-5936
Janice Galleher Liability/Claims 476-5372


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