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Post Date:04/10/2018 3:13 PM

The City of Chula Vista has launched a new online service center to allow users to explore where different business types are permitted throughout the City, The center also will help entrepreneurs and business owners understand the specific licenses, permits, and other requirements needed for starting, relocating or expanding a business in Chula Vista. 

Found online at, the new center, called OpenCounter, will provide staff-approved information for applicants, reducing the amount of in-person time spent at the City’s offices and opening up the opportunities for a global audience of investors. Within minutes, users can get a customized, address-specific guide to help achieve their project goals while outlining the permits, fees, and licenses that projects will need, including development impact fees.

“Small businesses are the engines of our local economy,” says Economic Development Director, Eric Crockett. “They create jobs, generate tax revenues and help build vibrant, engaged neighborhoods. Until now, there have been very few tools intentionally designed to give entrepreneurs and small business owners looking to invest in a community a clear breakdown of the processes and complications that they might face.”

By moving this process online, the City can provide reliable, targeted feedback to its entrepreneurs available 24/7, and give the City a new level of insight into economic trends in the community. The goal is to increase communication and eliminate confusion on both sides of the counter. With the online service center, citizens are given a remarkably high level of service at a much faster level.

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