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Post Date:05/16/2018 8:23 AM

This week the City of Chula Vista will begin work at four heavily used pedestrian intersections to provide improvements allowing pedestrians to safety and efficiently travel through intersections and to comply with ADA requirements. Locations are near the H Street Trolley Station, City Hall and the Parkway Gymnasium.


The project includes relocating traffic signal poles to allow four-feet of clear space along sidewalks, installing pedestrian street crossing push buttons at sidewalk ramps and “countdown style” pedestrian crossing signals; placing new reflective pedestrian crossing signs on poles with rapidly flashing lights to warn motorists; painting reflective pavement striping to delineate pedestrian cross walks and traffic “keep clear” zones; and placing pedestrian barricades to prevent crossing in dangerous areas. Not all improvements will be installed at all four intersections, but all will receive the pedestrian barricades and reflective pavement striping.

Work is scheduled Monday-Friday from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the following intersections: H Street and Oaklawn Avenue; Fourth Avenue and Davidson Street; Fourth Avenue and Park Way; and H Street and Woodlawn Avenue. No work will take place on weekends and holidays but some work will be conducted at night to minimize disruptions. Streets will not be completely closed but lanes will be closed intermittently to allow the construction work. MTS has been notified and bus stops should not be impacted by the project.

Pedestrian safety has been a significant concern of the Chula Vista Police Department in recent months. In 2017, there were nine pedestrian fatalities in Chula Vista, which was a 125% increase over 2016. In addition, three pedestrian fatalities have occurred in 2018, which is a 200% year-to-date increase. While there are a number of factors involved, pedestrians were identified at being at fault in seven of the nine collisions last year. Distracted driving has been a factor in some fatal pedestrian collisions. The intersection improvement project is designed to help residents to #StaySafeChulaVista.

Funding for the project was obtained from federal and local programs to reduce traffic injuries and fund transportation projects including the Federal Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP), Transnet (from SANDAG), and the City’s Traffic Signal Fund. The entire pedestrian intersection improvement project is estimated to be completed by late July.

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