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Chula Vista launches pilot program with Lime Scooters (CBS 8, San Diego, 10/13/19)

Lime rolls out electric scooter in Chula Vista (San Diego Union-Tribune, 10/11/19)

In less than a year, Chula Vista police drones are launched 1,000 times, assist in 130 arrests (San Diego Union-Tribune, 10/10/19)

Chula Vista drone program nets 130 arrests in 1 year (Fox 5 San Diego, 10/9/19)

Chula Vista eyes expansion of police drone program (San Diego Union-Tribune, 8/6/19) 

Chula Vista bridges the digital divide with a digital equity and inclusion program (KUSI News, 7/28/19) 

Five Local Police Agencies Are Partnering with Doorbell Surveillance Program (Voice of San Diego, 7/24/19) 

Chula Vista bridges the digital divide with a digital equity and inclusion program (KUSI, 7/18/19) 

New law enforcement technology could aid in search and rescue, bursting illegal marijuana grows (Calaveras Enterprise, 7/17/19) 

Chula Vista Launches Real-Time Guide Service for Blind Visitors (ECN, 6/5/19) 

Long Aerial Arm of the Law (San Diego Daily Transcript, 5/24/19) 

City Uses Robot to Explore Storm Drain (NBC San Diego, 5/22/19)

Chula Vista Introduces New Free App to Help the Blind, Visually Impaired (CBS 8 San Diego, 5/14/19)

Chula Vista Police Drones Help in Close to 60 Arrests in First 5 Months (NBC 7 San Diego, 4/25/19) 

California Police Agency Authorized for Wider Drone Deployment (GovTech, 4/18/19) 

Drones are responding to 911 calls in this California city (ABC15 Arizona, 4/15/19) 

California Police Department Uses Drones as First Responders (US News, 4/15/19) 

A Smartphone Platform Could Replace MDTs and Laptops for Police (GovTech, 4/11/19) 

Drones are responding to 911 calls in Chula Vista (Fox 5 San Diego, 4/11/19)

How Chula Vista is turning its Bayfront into a smart city test bed (TechRepublic, 4/6/19)

Chula Vista Police Approved for Beyond-Visual-Line-of-Sight Drone Flights (Inside Unmanned Systems, 3/20/19)

Chula Vista police drone program wins state police chiefs' technology award (San Diego Union-Tribune, 3/20/19)

Police Agency Wins Award for Pioneering Drones as First Responders (TechWire, 3/19/19) 

How Chula Vista is using a regional approach to deliver big results (Smart Cities Council, 3/14/19)

Chula Vista, CA invites research proposals for drones, AVs (Smart Cities Dive, 3/1/19)

Chula Vista Seeks New UAS Partnerships (Unmanned-Aerial, 2/27/19)

Chula Vista Police Evaluate Drones as First Responders Initiative (NBC San Diego, 2/3/19)

Chula Vista Police Tout Online ‘Dashboards’ to Reveal Crime Trends (Times of San Diego, 1/28/19)

With an eye on the future, Chula Vista drone program experiences early growing pains (San Diego Union-Tribune, 1/28/19)

Drones help find homeless before annual count (San Diego Union-Tribune, 1/24/19)

3 Lessons from Chula Vista to Help Clarify A Smart City Vision (Meeting of the Minds, 1/16/19)

The Chula Vista Police Department Defines How Drones Can Be Used as First Responders (Commercial UAV News, 1/15/19)

Chula Vista launches Smart City Digital Headquarters (KUSI News, 1/13/19)

Chula Visa digital HQ gets ‘smart’ (The Star News, 1/3/2019)

Calif. City Doubles Electric Vehicle Fleet (Government Fleet, 12/12/18)

Chula Vista Doubling Size of City’s Electric Vehicle Fleet (Times of San Diego, 12/7/19)

Chula Vista PD Demos Value of Drones for ‘Contemporary Policing’ (Unmanned-Aerial, 11/5/18)

Police Technology Enables Efficiency at CVPD (Public Now, 11/5/19)

Chula Vista Police Demo Drones Assisting as First Responders (, 11/2/18)

Chula Vista Police Demonstrate Value with Drones Assisting as First Responders (Robotics Tomorrow, 11/1/18)

Chula Vista PD to Launch Drones as First Responders (San Diego Metro, 10/29/18)

Drones now responding to 911 calls in Chula Vista (San Diego Union-Tribune, 10/26/18)

Chula Vista Police Department and Cape Launch New Public Safety Drone Initiative for San Diego UAS Integration Pilot Program (PR Web, 10/25/18)

Chula Vista Police Holds off on Patrolling Streets With Drones Due to Public Perception (The Drive, 8/31/18)

How this Insider Helped California’s Police Departments Modernize to the Cloud (Windows Insider, 8/28/18)

New Traffic Sensors in Chula Vista Aim to Reduce Delays, Interface with Autonomous Vehicles (NBC San Diego, 8/10/18)

4 New Drones Aid Chula Vista Police in Investigations (NBC San Diego, 6/28/18)

Drone testing gives boost to Chula Vista economy (ABC San Diego, 6/21/18)

Cape Partners with San Diego in UAS Integration Pilot Program (American Security Today, 5/13/18)

Chula Vista Unveils Electric Fleet – 12 Hyundai IONIQs, 3 Bolts (Inside EVs)

City of Chula Vista (California) Now Possesses EV Fleet Of 12 Hyundai Ioniq Electric Cars & 3 Chevy Bolts (Clean Technica, 4/23/18)

City of Chula Vista unveils EV fleet; 12 Ioniqs, 3 Bolts; most EV charging stations in San Diego region (Green Car Congress, 4/17/19)

Challenges of Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (Western City, 2/1/18)

Chula Vista's Discovery Park Gets Upgraded With Measure P Funding (NBC San Diego, 1/27/18)

Driverless Car Testing on Local Streets, Freeways: Officials Gather in San Diego to Prepare (10/19/18)

Chula Vista Police Receive New Dispatch System (NBC San Diego, 9/5/17)

Self-Driving Cars to Roll Around Chula Vista (NBC San Diego, 6/13/17)

How Chula Vista is turning its bayfront into a smart city test bed (Tech Republic, 4/6/17)

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