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Adaptive Traffic Signals

Advanced Traffic Signals

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Adaptive Traffic SignalsCity intersections are being upgraded with smart traffic controls as part of a master plan adopted by the City Council in 2017.

Advanced traffic controllers allow the traffic signals to "see" approaching vehicles from much farther away and to adjust the duration of green and red lights based on real-time traffic patterns. These advanced systems also have the capacity to interact with the vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) technologies used by autonomous vehicles.

The first set of adaptive traffic control upgrades will be installed at 29 intersections along Telegraph Canyon Road and H Street over the summer and fall of 2018. Over the next several years, upgrades will be made to signalized intersections throughout the city. These innovative traffic signals will help reduce traffic flow and increase safety.

Project Highlights

Modern traffic signal controllersAdaptive Traffic Signals Flyer

  • Traffic monitoring
  • Ethernet communications
  • Signal interconnect
  • Vehicle detection upgrades


City of Chula Vista Traffic Signal Communications Master Plan

Trafficware Press Release

Informational Flyer

Adaptive Traffic Signals Flyer
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