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Open Data

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Open DataThe City of Chula Vista is committed to the principles of open, accessible, efficient and transparent government, and the use of technology to help put those principles into practice. The city recognizes that through making data publicly available and easily accessible, the city will empower the community, promote civic engagement, improve service delivery, and increase opportunities for economic development.

The City of Chula Vista Geographic Information Systems (GIS) staff maintains an Open Data portal for GIS related information. This current Open Data portal provides information on map galleries, pavement condition for city-maintained streets, and the city’s Centennial Greenbelt trails. The City has created an open data policy and continuously updates the open data portal.

In 2018 the city began work to develop a city-wide set of policies, processes, and technologies for maximizing city data and information. This Open Data Policy will support transparency by increasing public access and community engagement by making city data easily accessible to taxpayers and city residents, so they can better understand what the city is doing.

The Open Data policy also helps to advance the City Council priorities of improving the City’s practice of adopting more data-driven decision-making across the City.

This approach is modeled after and incorporates best practices from other governmental entities around the country. The policy provides a mechanism to protect, when applicable, the privacy, confidentiality and security within data and information under the City’s control. Lastly, this policy sets forth procedures to ensure compliance with the letter and spirit of all local, state and federal laws regarding public information.

Chula Vista GIS Open Data Portal

Police Department Open Data Initiative

Access City Records

Project Goals

  • Publish appropriate datasets
  • Ensure frequent updates, to the extent possible
  • Connect Open Data efforts to the City’s budget priorities, to the extent possible
  • Ensure any new information systems acquired by the City align with Open Data policy
  • Acquire the right for data generated by City vendors or other third parties, to the extent possible



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