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Smart Irrigation Controls

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Smart Irrigation Controls

Chula Vista is making every drop of water count by installing smart irrigation control systems in city parks. These remotely operated sprinkler heads and nozzles can customize watering schedules based on soil moisture and weather conditions, reducing unnecessary water use and enhancing sustainability.

With the help of community volunteers, city crews began installing hundreds of new sprinkler heads and nozzles in 2018, with the goal of upgrading irrigation systems on all sports fields in the city.

The new sprinkler heads and nozzles will provide water and energy savings with smart technology that can be operated remotely. Plus, they have flow sensors and master valves in the ground that can detect leaks. The technology also shuts itself off if running too long or using too much water. City staff will manage all the equipment using new intelligent irrigation controls.

The smart irrigation controls help support the goals of both the Climate Action Plan and the Water Stewardship Plan. The plan assesses near and long-term opportunities and applicable implementation strategies to enhance water efficiency and reuse graywater, storm water, and wastewater for community and municipal use. The plan also provides a framework for engaging residents, businesses, and City government alike in managing increased water demand and protecting precious water resources.

Project Highlights

  • Several hundred sprinkler heads and nozzles
  • Measure P-funded 
  • Flow sensors to support efficient water usage


Informational Flyer 

City of Chula Vista Climate Action Plan 2017 (PDF)

City of Chula Vista Water Stewardship Plan 2016 (PDF)

Smart Irrigation Flyer Smart Irrigation Flyer
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