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Telecommunications Master Plan

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The City of Chula Vista has partnered with Magellan Advisors to create a city-wide telecommunications master plan. The City will reference to this master plan when planning telecommunications and network buildout through the city. This includes project prioritization and development of critical policy for the City around data concerns.

Significant cost savings, system availability, and increased customer service can be achieved using connective technologies.

A well-designed telecommunications infrastructure can reduce power/water consumption, provide early warning for systems which are experiencing technical issues, enhance monitoring capabilities, remote sensing, providing public access to meaningful data (budget, public works projects, etc) and deploy new and possibly unknown technologies in the future to further the City’s Smart City endeavors.

Relevant Smart City Initiatives

  • Connect all City facilities with high-speed/broadband connectivity
  • Provide a network infrastructure to enable the City to meet aggressive energy savings requirements for new expansive Bayfront development
  • Provide a network infrastructure which facilitates innovation and economic development within the City
  • Provide timely and accurate data to centralized location(s) from a myriad of sources
  • Connect citizens to City services and provide access to data
  • Significantly reduce the “digital divide” by providing access to the internet and City digital services to underserved communities
  • Develop Public/Private partnerships to further the Smart Cities vision to utilize existing and future resources which will provide a Smart Cities framework

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