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The purpose of the Charter Review Commission is to serve as a resource to advise and make recommendations to the City Council and the City Manager on issues affecting the provisions of the City Charter. The Commission constitutes a forum for Citywide discussion, research and analysis of matters relating to current or proposed provisions of the City Charter and amendments; helps coordinate citizen and staff ideas with regard to potential Charter changes; formulates specific language for proposed Charter changes in a form appropriate for placement on the ballot; and prepares and submits proposed ballot arguments in favor or against proposed Charter changes.

The CRC conducted a survey from March 1-25, 2019,  to request feedback from residents on several issues being considered including City Council term limits, vote-by-mail ballot, and other items. The survey results are available here.


Meetings may be cancelled and/or Special meetings held
*Check agenda to confirm upcoming meeting details

Meeting Date:   Second Wednesday of each month
Time:   6:00 p.m.
Location:   City Hall
Building #A
Executive Conference Room #103
276 Fourth Avenue, Chula Vista


The board is composed of seven members appointed to four-year terms on a staggered basis. 

Member Appointment
Term Expiring
Rachel McDonald-Hernandez
At-Large 6/30/22
Bryan Felber (Vice Chair)
At-Large 6/30/20
Tom O'Donnell (Chair)
At-Large 6/30/21
Jan Buddingh
At-Large 6/30/21
Robert Ross
At-Large 6/30/20
Edgar Hopida
At-Large 6/30/21



Most recently, the Commission recommended that the City Council place a measure on the ballot to allow voters to determine whether the City should change from “at-large" elections to “district” elections. In November 2012, the voters elected to switch to district elections. District elections mean the City is divided up geographically into four voting districts and one council member lives in each district. This change will be phased-in, beginning with the 2016 elections. By 2018, all four City Council members will be elected by district. The Mayor will continue to be elected at-large. Find out more about City elections.

The Charter Review Commission continues to review and consider issues related to the City Charter in order to advise and make recommendations to the City Council.


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