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The Human Relations Commission serves as an advisory body to make recommendations and offer advice to the Mayor, City Council and the City Manager on the rights of every inhabitant of the City of Chula Vista and in the improvement and effectiveness of the interrelationships between the various groups based on race, religion, color, ancestry, socioeconomic, age, sex (including gender identity, gender expression, transgender, pregnancy and breastfeeding), sexual orientation, place of birth, citizenship/immigration status, marital status, military service, disability, medical condition, genetic characteristics or information, or any other characteristic protected by federal, state, or local laws of citizens forming the social body of the City and to advise the City on how it may best proceed in the realization of its stated goal to support healthy community, strong and secure neighborhoods and a connected community as it seeks to promote ways in which the community gets along and safeguards equal opportunity for everyone.

Please see Additional Information below for the purpose, intent and tasks assigned to the commission.


Meetings may be cancelled and/or Special meetings held
*Check agenda to confirm upcoming meeting details

Meeting Date:   Fourth Thursday of each month
Time:   6:00 p.m.

City Hall, Building A
Executive Conference Room 103
276 Fourth Ave, Chula Vista


The board is composed of eleven members appointed to four-year terms on a staggered basis. All terms expire on June 30th on the year listed below.

Member Name




Petrina Branch
  At-Large 2022
William Felix
 He/Him/His At-Large
Robert Godinez
  At-Large 2023
Dalia Gonzalez
 She/Her/Hers At-Large
Susan Lake
 She/Her/Hers At-Large
Paola Martinez-Montes
 She/Her/Hers At-Large 2020
Ricardo Medina
 He/Him/His At-Large  2022
Ahmad Zadah
  At-Large  2021
Ricardo Gutierrez   At-Large
Nadia Kean-Ayub
Peggy Ratner



The Commission is tasked with accomplishing, among other things:

1. The first duty of the Commission shall be to assist the City, by completing all required steps, to become a Certified Welcoming City.

2. The development of a mutual understanding and respect among all such groups in the City and to help eliminate prejudice and discrimination;

3. The establishment and maintenance of contacts with groups in the community which are concerned with protection of civil liberties of all people, resolution of conflict, and interracial and intercultural understanding, and to report to the Mayor, City Council and City Manager regarding the activities of these groups;

4. The promotion of new and improved programs of services to all local citizens in cooperation with peer boards and commissions as well as the City Manager to increase intergroup relations and harmony.

5. The encouragement of citizen participation in local government by providing a forum for discussion as a means of resolving community relationship problems;

6. The protection and strengthening of the rights of all groups to ensure the enjoyment of their constitutional privileges and the elimination thereby of prejudice, discrimination or bigotry in this community;

7. The advancement of programs to assist senior citizens in the realization and satisfaction of their needs and other social concerns;

8. The encouragement of policies and programs to fully integrate persons with disabilities into the mainstream of community life in the City;

9. The encouragement of the Mayor, City Council, City Manager and all officers, agencies, boards, departments, and employees of the City of Chula Vista take steps to enhance peace and good order, and provide equal opportunity for and good will toward all people;

10. Prepare a written report of its activities to the Mayor, City Council, and City Manager annually to include summaries of recommendation for development of policies, procedures and legislation deemed to be necessary.


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