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The Chula Vista CLEAN Group was established in 2007 in order to help find new and adaptive solutions to environmental problems impacting Chula Vista, California and the surrounding region. The group is a collaborative effort between the city of Chula Vista's environmental divisions and local stakeholders which include businesses and community groups. The CLEAN group’s main focuses have been on creating a long-term climate change action plan, achieving a zero waste stream, and increasing public education of the city’s environmental programs. With equal input from the city of Chula Vista and community leaders, the group helps to foster an open dialogue with the public and business community on ways they can help create a sustainable Chula Vista for years to come.




SDGE_EventFlyerEMAIL_ChulaVistaHarborFest CroppedThis year’s annual HarborFest will have everything you could possibly want at a FREE, family-friendly celebration! Presented by the Port of San Diego, HarborFest will take place on Saturday, August 18, 2018, from 10 AM to 6 PM in Bayside Park near the Chula Vista Marina.

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Free Compost Event

Save the Date! The next Free Compost event is Saturday August 25th. City of Chula Vista residents bring your shovels and load up some compost to organically improve your garden soil and beautify your landscape.

For more information call 619-691-5122.

To learn more about composting click here!


Free Compost Event 2018

Free Recycling Containers


Want to save your business money while helping the environment? Let us help you do just that for FREE! 

We’ll provide businesses in Chula Vista with:
 • Recycling collection containers
 • Signage, posters and brochures
 • Employee education




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