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The Chula Vista CLEAN Group was established in 2007 in order to help find new and adaptive solutions to environmental problems impacting Chula Vista, California and the surrounding region. The group is a collaborative effort between the city of Chula Vista's environmental divisions and local stakeholders which include businesses and community groups. The CLEAN group’s main focuses have been on creating a long-term climate change action plan, achieving a zero waste stream, and increasing public education of the city’s environmental programs. With equal input from the city of Chula Vista and community leaders, the group helps to foster an open dialogue with the public and business community on ways they can help create a sustainable Chula Vista for years to come.



New Sharps/Pharmaceutical Waste Mail-Back Program!

DrugMailback ProgramChula Vista residents now have the option to request FREE sharps (syringes) mail-back containers and/or prescription drug mail-back envelopes online! Mail-back service is a free and convenient way to properly dispose of your sharps and unused/expired prescription drugs. Click here to request your FREE mail-back containers and/or envelopes.

CLEAN Sustainability Champion Awards

Nominations for the Chula Vista CLEAN Sustainability Champion Awards are now being accepted!  Any person/group living or working in Chula Vista is eligible to be nominated for an award and potentially recognized for their local sustainability achievements.  The Chula Vista CLEAN Sustainability Champion Awards, an initiative of the City of Chula Vista’s Sustainability Commission, are designed to recognize individuals and groups who are helping to achieve clean air, clean water and clean land for future generations within Chula Vista!

Nomination forms are due by 5 pm on Sunday, March 31. Award winners will be recognized at the City Council meeting on April 16 at 5 pm.

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