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About Us

The CLEAN Business program is part of the San Diego regional sustainability effort.  We help businesses save money and become more sustainable by delivering program incentives, rebates, no-cost efficiency tools, and community recognition for their environmental leadership.  Membership is free!

The Chula Vista CLEAN Business Program is an integrated energy-efficiency and sustainability effort spearheaded by the City of Chula Vista with support from the San Diego Climate Collaborative and San Diego Gas and Electric.


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Join the City of Chula Vista
CLEAN Business Program 

The CLEAN Business Program provides participating businesses with no-cost resources and informational workshops. These efforts generate real cost savings, improved energy efficiency, enhanced environmental performance, and public recognition. Join today to increase operational efficiencies, improve your bottom line and get recognition for your environmental leadership. Membership is free!


Marketing Package: Tout your achievements with a no-cost self-promotional package.

Receive recognition in local websites, newspapers, newsletters, direct mailers, outreach and events.

On-Site Energy Evaluation:
Discover innovative ways to save resources and reduce energy.

Rebates and Incentives:
Get help with the retrofit costs.

Technical Resources: Learn how to improve your bottom line with an actionable sustainability plan.

Participate in workshops to learn more and acquire the tools to strengthen your sustainability efforts.

Collaborate with like-minded Chula Vista businesses.



Why be a CLEAN Business?

People, Profit, Planet

CLEAN Business members commit to:

  • Reducing energy use
  • Reducing water use
  • Reducing waste
  • Purchasing more sustainable products

Additional to your environmental leadership, CLEAN Business Program participants benefit from:

  • Improved bottom lines
  • Improved energy efficiency, air quality, water conservation, and waste reduction
  • Access to no-cost tools, marketing, resources, and support
  • Public recognition for participation in the program
  • Ability to showcase their sustainability efforts to customers and community members

By offering technical, educational, financial and marketing support, the CLEAN Business Program provides support toward economic and environmental health. Our members help keep Chula Vista beautiful and vibrant.

There is no cost to join or be a member.


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