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Climate Action Plan

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Since 2000, Chula Vista has been implementing a “Climate Action Plan” to address the threat of climate change impacts to the local community.  The most recent plan is the 2017 Climate Action Plan (CAP) which was adopted by City Council on September 26, 2017.  It includes ambitious new goals and policies to strengthen the City’s climate action efforts. Implementing the CAP facilitates achieving numerous community co-benefits such as utility savings, better air quality, reduced traffic congestion, local economic development, and improved quality of life. It brings together past City of Chula Vista climate plan efforts including the original Carbon Dioxide Reduction Plan (2000), the mitigation plan (2008) and the adaptation plan (2011).  The City regularly conducts greenhouse gas (GHG) emission inventories to help guiding the execution of the Climate Action Plan as well as to monitor and evaluate the progress. 

2017 Climate Action Plan

Community Choice Aggregation

Past Actions


Climate Change Working Group

The Climate Change Working Group (CCWG) was comprised of residents, businesses, and community organization representatives collaborated  to help update the City's Climate Action Plan. Anyone interested in staying up to date on the City's climate plan efforts can sign up for the CCWG-interested parties email list by sending their email address to:

2020 Quarter One Meeting

Public Forum

2019 Quarter Three Meeting

2019 Quarter Two Meeting

2018 Quarter Four Meeting

Related Energy Policies

In addition to the Climate Action Plan, the City has a variety of energy-related policies and plans that emphasize energy efficiency and renewable energy.

San Diego Regional Climate CollaborativeClimate Collaborative

The City of Chula Vista was a founding member of the new San Diego Regional Climate Collaborative (SDRCC), which is a regional forum for public agencies to share expertise and leverage resources to facilitate climate action planning.

Need help? Contact the City's Conservation Section at (619) 409-3893

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