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The City of Chula Vista works with two local water providers, Otay Water District and Sweetwater Authority, to conserve water throughout the community.


Storm Water Pollution Prevention

Learn how to prevent storm water pollution and keep Chula Vista CLEAN.


Water Conservation Programs

Outreach_EducationOUTREACH & EDUCATION

The City provides water-saving information and giveaways at:

  • Farmers Markets at Otay Ranch Town Center (Please call City's Conservation Section at (619) 409-3893 for participation dates).
  • Community Events





Nature Scape LogoThe NatureScape program helps residents implement sustainable landscaping practices through FREE community workshops and technical assistance.  Program participants can have their yard certified as a "Backyard Wildlife Habitat" through the National Wildlife Federation.  



Incentive MoneyThere are a variety of incentive & financing programs to help community members implement water-saving improvements at little or no upfront cost.

Property-owners can finance energy and water improvements for up to 25 years and repay through their property taxes, by participating in one of the available PACE programs:



Landscape Water Conservation Ordinance

This City ordinance requires that any new or rehabilitated landscapes are designed using a water budget to help encourage outdoor water conservation.  As a part of the permitting process, some projects will be required to complete either a Landscape Documentation Package or a WaterSmart Checklist.  In general, the Landscape Documentation Package will be prepared for larger projects that involve installing or changing an existing landscape, while the WaterSmart Checklist is designed for smaller projects.

The size of the “landscape area” will determine which of these documents will be required.  The landscape area is measured in square feet, and it is an area with outdoor plants, turf and other vegetation that uses water, including any water features either in an area with vegetation or that stand alone.  A landscape area does not include the footprint of buildings, structures, decks, patios, sidewalks, driveways, gravel or stone walkways void of plant materials, paved portions of parking lots or other hard landscape.

  • For questions about water conservation, contact the City's Conservation Section at (619) 409-3893.


Water Stewardship Plan

water conservationThe City of Chula Vista has already established itself as a leader in issues around climate change and sustainability. Preparing for water scarcity is an extension of these efforts and it recognizes the inextricable links between climate change, energy, and water management. Given that 18% of California’s energy is expended on moving water around the state, our water stewardship efforts will also advance our progress towards our greenhouse gas reduction goals while producing benefits in energy conservation.

The City of Chula Vista Water Stewardship Plan assesses near and long-term opportunities and applicable implementation strategies to enhance water efficiency and reuse graywater, stormwater, and wastewater for community and municipal use. The Plan provides a framework for engaging residents, businesses, and City government alike in managing increased water demand and protecting our precious water resources.




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