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     The Environmental Services Division is responsible for pursuing waste management strategies that emphasize more efficient use of resources through waste minimization/reduction, reuse, recycling and environmentally sound disposal strategies. 

     Today there is growing concern about climate change and how it could impact our environment and our lives. Preventing waste and recycling can significantly reduce greenhouse gases produced during the mining, transporting and processing of raw materials for the manufacturing of goods.  It is wasteful to throw away products after a single use.  We can choose to significantly reduce waste and greenhouse gases by purchasing and reusing products made from recycled materials.

     Internships and service learning opportunities are available throughout the year. Interns are typically assigned activities that promote resource conservation and environmental protection including public outreach activities such as special events and school presentations throughout the South Bay Community.

Contact us at EnvironmentalServices@chulavistaca.gov or (619) 691-5122

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