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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Can I drain my swimming pool?

    Yes. Pool water may be drained into the storm water drainage system only under the following conditions:

    • Must be free of all chemicals including hydrogen peroxide products or dechlorinating products
    • Must be free of all debris and vegetation
    • Must have an acceptable pH of 7-8
    • Must be free of algae (no green coloring)
    • Must be controlled so the flow does not cause erosion
  • What goes in your recycling bin?

    PAPERS - White paper, colored paper, letters, junk mail, dry food boxes, paper bags, cardboard, milk cartons, paper juice boxes, magazines, newspaper, catalogs, and phonebooks.

    CANS - steel/tin cans, aluminum cans, all California Redemption containers, EMPTY paint and aerosol cans.

    BOTTLES AND JARS - glass or plastic bottles and jars, all California Redemption containers.  For more information, click here.

    Please do not fill your recycling cart so full that the lid will not close.  Blowing litter contaminates and clogs waterways and storm drains.  An additional recycling cart is available at no charge, contact Republic Services at (619) 421-9400.

  • What number should you call to report that your trash / recycling / yard waste was not picked up?

    Contact Republic Services at (619) 421-9400.
  • Where do you dispose of old paint and other unwanted household hazardous waste?

    The City of Chula Vista's household hazardous waste collection facility is now open to the community on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., except for holiday weekends. The facility is located at the City's Public Works Operations Center at 1800 Maxwell Road. Residents can bring up to 15 gallons or 125 pounds of household hazardous waste including paint, auto fluids, etc. For more information, please visit Hazardous Waste Disposal
  • Can you wash your car in your driveway?

    Yes. However, a better choice is to wash your car on or near personal grassy areas, so you're watering the lawn rather than the street and storm drains. Or better yet, take your car to a commercial carwash.
  • Where can I dispose of a Christmas tree?

    Each year, Chula Vista residents can recycle their Christmas trees by placing them out at the curb with their regular trash for pick-up between December 26 and January 5. The trees must not exceed 48-inches in length. Longer trees must be cut to this size. Metal tree stands must be removed. Wooden stands are acceptable. Flocked trees will be picked-up as regular trash. City residents living in apartments should contact their apartment manager for information regarding FREE Christmas Tree Pick-Up. Trees will be collected one day a week at each apartment complex when scheduled through Republic Services.
  • How do I report an illegal discharge into storm drains?

    To report an illegal discharge, dumping, or spills into storm drains, please contact the Public Works Department at (619) 397-6000.
  • Why is sediment considered a pollutant?

    Dirt and sediment are considered pollutants because excessive amounts may cause damage to our delicate aquatic ecosystem. Significant dirt and sediment will smother and suffocate aquatic plant and animal life, and destroy important habitat. Dirt and sediment also carry other pollutants to our sensitive waterways.
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