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We want you and your neighbors to have a great time - and be safe!  To ensure that everything goes smoothly, here are the steps you'll need to follow to have a fun, successful Block Party in Chula Vista.  

Apply online!

Click NEXT PAGE below to complete the online form. Please submit your application, required documentation, and payment 15 days in advance of your event.


Step 1: Before you set your Block Party date, be sure to review the Rules, Conditions and Social Host Ordinance to make sure a block party is a good option for you and your neighbors.  If so, print and complete the Waiver and Release of Liability 
(PDF - scan the completed document).
Want to drop everything off in person?

Download, print, and complete the PDF Application, obtain approval from your neighbors (form is included in this PDF) and create your visual map.  

Once you have these items completed, go to Step 5.

Step 2: Get your neighbors on board!  Print the Neighbors' Authorization & Signature Form (PDF) and have your neighbors sign it. You will need this completed, scanned form when you submit with your application and payment.  You must have consent from 80% of all households within the party area.
Step 3: Make a map of your block party layout.  Please print or draw a map of the area (with streets listed) and make indications on it to give us a visual of the exact location. Scan this document as well. See sample.
Step 4: After you've gotten your neighbors' approval signatures (see step 2), complete and submit the Block Party Application below. Be sure to click the button to upload the completed Waiver and Release of Liability (see #1 above), Neighbors' Authorization & Signature Form (see #2 above) AND the map (see #3 above) before hitting "Submit". (You'll see the upload links at the end of the form and it will prompt you through the process.)  Your application will be received by the Office of Communications. 
Step 5: Complete and Pay. Complete and print the Statement of Fees and bring it along with your $50 payment to the Finance Department.  map it  |  City Hall Complex map



The Office of Communications will contact you either by phone or postcard to let you know the application process is complete and your request has been approved.  You will be notified at least five (5) business days prior to the date of your event.


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