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Large Family Home Daycare Permit

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Residents wishing to operate a Large Family Home Daycare, for between 9 and 14 children, within the City of Chula Vista are required to obtain the following permits and licenses from the City of Chula Vista. These permits are separate from and in addition to any requirements that the State and/or County may have.

All approvals must be obtained before the start of business and all may be processed concurrently with the Family Child Care License from the State Community Care Licensing Division. (SAN DIEGO DISTRICT-RESIDENTIAL 8745 Aero Drive, Suite 200, San Diego, CA 92123 (858) 467-2367)


Fire Inspection
The Fire Department will conduct an inspection to ensure you have the required fire safety measures, including exits, extinguishers and smoke detectors. Contact the Fire Department at (619) 691-5055 for their requirements and to schedule an inspection.

Business License
All businesses within the City of Chula Vista are required to obtain a business license. To apply for a business license, submit a completed Business License Application at the Business License counter.

Large Family Daycare Permit
The City of Chula Vista requires this permit for all homes providing care for 9 to 14 children. An Application Form, Site Plan of the house and property, and Filing Fee are required as listed below. The review is conducted by the Planning Division and is subject to Section 19.58.147 of the City's Municipal Code as listed below:

General Requirements

A large family daycare home shall be allowed in the R-E and R-1 zones, and within the PC designated RE and RS zones, upon the issuance of a large family daycare permit by the Zoning Administrator and in compliance with the following standards:

  1. Notice shall be given to properties within 500 feet of the proposed large family daycare home at least ten days prior to consideration for the permit.
  2. The permit shall be considered without public hearing unless the applicant or other affected party requests a hearing in writing by the hearing deadline date. The applicant or other affected party may appeal the Zoning Administrator's decision to the City Council.
  3. The large family daycare function shall be incidental to the residential use of the property.
  4. A large family daycare home shall not locate within:
    1. 300 feet of another such facility with said measurement being defined as the shortest distance between the property lines of any such facilities; and
    2. 1200 feet of another such facility along the same street with said measurements being defined as the shortest distance between front property lines, as measured along the same street, of any such facilities
  5. The owner must provide a double-wide driveway which shall be paved to meet City Standards and be a minimum of 16 feet wide and 19 feet in depth as measured from the edge of sidewalk to any vertical obstruction. The driveway shall be available during all hours of operation for the loading and unloading of children. If a garage exists on-site, it must be utilized for parking of personal vehicle(s). In the event that less than a two-car garage exists on-site, the owner must designate an area on-site other than on the driveway so that a total of two personal vehicles can be parked on-site, including the garage.
  6. If in the opinion of the Zoning Administrator there is a potential for significant traffic problems, the Zoning Administrator shall request review of the application by the city traffic engineer. The city traffic engineer may impose accessory requirements of the daycare permit in these instances to insure maintenance of traffic safety levels within the vicinity of the home.
  7. Adequate outdoor play space shall be required and determined on a case by case basis. Outdoor play activity shall not be allowed in the front or exterior side yard of the home.
  8. Play areas shall be designed and located to reduce the impact of noise on surrounding properties.
  9. A business license will be obtained concurrently with the use permit.
  10. At the City's discretion, an annual review of the permit may be done to determine compliance with State and City requirements and the permit's conditions of approval.


Application Requirements


  • Large Family Home Day Care Permit Application Form - (2) paper copies
  • Site Plan and Floor Plans - (2) paper copies
  • Site Photographs showing the loading and unloading area, parking and outdoor play area - One (1) set
  • (1) USB card with the Application, Site Plan/Floor Plan and Site Photographs
  • Filing Fee of $1,250





The Zoning Administrator reviews large Family Daycare Permits. The process includes, but is not limited to, review for adequate parking, drop-off and pick-up areas, play space and to ensure the location meets the minimum distance requirement from any existing large family daycare homes. A notice is mailed to all property owners within 500 feet of the proposed location indicating that the City has received a permit application. Typically, unless an interested party or the applicant requests a public hearing in writing, the review process takes approximately 6-8 weeks. If a public hearing is requested, then a meeting with the Zoning Administrator is scheduled where public testimony from all interested parties is heard. The Zoning Administrator will make a decision within 5 business days of the hearing. The decision is final unless appealed to the City Council.



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