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Mobilehome Parks Program

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The State of California recognizes that an increasing number of Californians live in mobilehomes and that most of those living in such mobilehomes reside in mobilehome parks.  Given the relatively permanent nature of residence in such parks and the substantial investment which a mobilehome represents, The Mobilehome Parks Act (CA Health & Safety Code §18200-18700) and Title 25 of the California Code of Regulations were enacted to ensure that residents of mobilehome parks are entitled to live in conditions which assure their health, safety, general welfare, and a decent living environment, and which protect the investment of their manufactured homes and mobilehomes.

The City of Chula Vista Code Enforcement Division, as the Local Enforcement Agency, conducts both maintenance inspections and responds to complaints at all mobilehome parks within the City’s jurisdiction as mandated in Title 25. 

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Report a Violation

Online  |  Print & Fax/Mail Form  |  Phone (619) 691-5280 

If you believe there are code violations in your Park, report the violation and Code Enforcement will investigate, generally within two working days.

Common Violations

Both the mobilehome park owner/operator and the owner of the individual mobilehome are responsible for ensuring compliance with the provisions of Title 25.  Generally, the park owner/operator is responsible for the common area within the park, the park utilities, roadways, and individual lot services.  The owner of the mobilehome is responsible for his/her mobilehome, any accessory structures attached/detached to the mobilehome, and the connections between the mobilehome and the park’s lot services.  Please see below for a general list of areas of responsibility and examples:

Park Owner 
Approved Insignia on Rental Units
Emergency Information
Fire Safety
Lot Electrical Service Equipment
Lot Gas Supply Equipment
Lot Identification
Park Buildings
Park Electrical System
Park Gas System
Park Lighting
Sewer System
Water System


Mobile home Owner
Awnings & Carports
Combustible Material
Emergency Exiting
Extension Cords
Exterior Appliances
Gas Meter Connections & Enclosures
Permits – Building Without a Permit
Power Cords / Feeder Assemblies
Propane Gas Tanks
Sewer Connection
Skirting & Ventilation
Stairway Landings
Stairways & Handrails
Substandard MH-Unit
Trash, Junk & Debris
Water Heaters

In many instances, violations are the result of the park owner or the owner of the mobilehome not obtaining a permit for the construction or alteration that is being made within the park or to the mobilehome.  If you are unsure whether your proposed work requires a permit, please refer to the Mobilehome Permits section of the City’s website.


• Mobilehome and Special Occupancy Parks Program Homepage – All relative program information
• HCD Forms and Approved Plans – Application Forms, approved plans and specifications
• HCD Mobilehome Park Inspection Orientation Video – Overview of park-wide inspection process
• Mobilehome and RV Park Search – Search database of all parks in CA with various filters
• HCD Insignia Reference Booklet – Details insignia types, locations, replacement process and fees
• SDG&E Mobilehome Park Utility Upgrade Program – Provides information on existing program

Permit to Operate and Business License

Per Title 25, Section 1006.5, no person shall operate a park, or a portion of a park, or rent, lease, sublease, hire out, or let out for occupancy, any new or existing lot in a park without a current permit to operate and business license issued by the City.  A permit to operate is issued annually by the City authorizing operation of the park.  Prior to the issuance of a permit to operate, the park must pay the required annual fees and any associated penalty fees (if applicable) as detailed in Title 25, Sections 1008 - 1009, as well as submit a completed annual verification of maintenance or five year flow Private Fire Hydrant Test and Certification Report to the City.  Upon receipt of the required fees and a satisfactory certification report, the City will issue a Permit to Operate for your park and a business license.

Should you have any questions regarding the fees due for your park or to pay, please contact the City of Chula Vista Finance Departmentat (619) 585-5624.


Per CA Health and Safety Code Section 18075.5, all manufactured homes, mobilehomes, commercial coaches, and floating homes sold or used within this state shall be subject to annual registration with the department and payment of registration fees.  The registration of these units can be completed through the Department of Housing and Community Development’s Registration and Titling Program:

Registration and Titling
(916) 323-9224
or toll free (800) 952-8356

Emergency Preparedness Plans

As of September 10, 2010, Title 25 requires that all parks adopt an emergency preparedness plan and notify park residents how to obtain a copy of the plan.  Upon submission to and approval of the plan by the City, there is no requirement to provide the City with copies of the plan, unless conditions detailed in the plan have changed (Examples: roadway changes, additional lots added to the park, etc.)

For additional information on preparation or updates to the Emergency Preparedness Plan for your park, please refer to Title 25, Section 1013 or the Standardized Emergency Management System Advisory Board’s Booklet, “Emergency Plans for Mobilehome Parks” for a detailed list of the items that need to be included in the plan.

Mobilehome Residency Law (MRL)

The MRL is the section of the CA Civil Code (Sections 798 – 799.11) that provides the legal foundation for tenants and landlords in mobilehome parks.  The City does not address civil issues that arise in reference to the MRL.  Please obtain legal assistance or contact the CSA of San Diego County – Fair Housing Resource to see if they can assist you.  HCD also has a MRL Frequently Asked Questions Handout that may also help.


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