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Safe & Healthy Neighborhoods

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Healthy Chula VistaHealthy CV

The Healthy Chula Vista initiative supports the City's Strategic Plan goal of creating a thriving, healthy community by creating policies and programs to improve the City's physical and social environments, promote awareness and access to services, and building community partnerships.

Neighborhood Watch/Community Crime Prevention ToolsNeighborhood Watch Sign

Neighborhood Watch is a community involvement program where residents and business owners partner with police to detect and prevent crime in their communities. Neighbors who participate in the Neighborhood Watch program have learned to curb crime by keeping doors and windows locked, parking cars in garages and not leaving valuables in their vehicles. In addition, many have installed locked mail boxes which help reduce mail theft. They also share crime prevention tips.

Learn more about these program by accessing the Chula Vista Police Department's webpage for Neighborhood Watch/Community Crime Prevention Tools, E-mail, or call the Community Relations Unit of the Chula Vista Police Department at (619) 691-5187.

Other ways in which you can help keep your community safe and informed include: 

  • Chula Vista Neighborhood Watch Facebook page to keep updated on the latest crime prevention strategies and to learn from other neighborhood watch groups. 
  • NIXLE, a free, secure communication that sends traffic, police, and community news from the City to your email or cell phone.
  • NextDoor, a smart phone application and website that allows residents in your neighborhood to post. Chula Vista Police and the County of San Diego also post community event and emergencyVacation Checks information.   

Two other valuable programs are YANA (You Are Not Alone), a phone check-in program for seniors and persons with disabilities, and Vacation Check, which provides daily home checks while homeowners are away. Both are operated by the Senior Volunteer Patrol; contact them at (619) 476-2417.

Reducing Crime and Disorder in Rental Housing


Resources are available to help improve safety levels and the quality of life at Chula Vista apartment complexes

Addressing Homeless-Related Problems

In recent years, the City of Chula Vista, like other communities throughout San Diego County, has experienced an increase in homeless-related concerns. Resources are available for community members, businesses, and homeless persons to address these concerns. many of the societal issues that often accompany homelessness (public drinking, loitering, and trespassing) can have a detrimental effect on the creation and preservation of a healthy, safe, family-friendly environment.

Keeping Parties Safe, Quiet, and Free from Underage DrinkingResponsible Beverage Service

Chula Vista has two ordinances aimed at curtailing loud noise and underage drinking at parties.

  • Loud Party ordinance discourages music, radios or other amplified noise that is too loud and occurs between 11 p.m. and 8 a.m. in residential neighborhoods.    
  • Social Host ordinance prohibits anyone from hosting or allowing a party where minors are drinking alcohol. Social host liability laws send a clear message that adults have a responsibility to prevent underage drinking at parties.

For more information about these ordinances, download the Loud Party & Social Host brochure or contact the Chula Vista Police Department Community Relations Unit at (619) 691-5187.  

Safety Tips for Elderly Persons


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