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How Much Will Your Permit Cost?

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How to Get a Permit

Permit Cost

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 Do You Need a Permit?   How Do You Get a Permit?


The cost of your permit is based on several factors:

  • The size and complexity of your project.
  • The value of the work you are doing.
  • Additional permits required for your project.
  • How long it takes us to review your application and plans.
  • Inspection fees

Fee Information

All fees are subject to applicability and verification based upon the proposed project. It is recommended that applicants meet for a pre-application to review the proposed project and a more accurate review and estimation of fees and determination of process.

The following documents are available to assist with calculating department fees, these became effective on September, 2011.

If you need help estimating your permit fees, you can ask us a fee-related question by contacting us.

Tip: Be sure to provide detailed information for the best estimate of your permitting costs. You will receive a response from us via e-mail.


When Are My Fees Due?

When you need to pay fees depends on the type of permit.  Most fees are payable upon submission of plans and/or application. Other fees are payable upon completion of plan review and issuance of permits. 

Building Permits

This category includes all types of construction permits, demolition permits, and utility permits.

  • You must pay 75 percent of the total plan review and permit fees when your permit application is accepted. We calculate your final fees, including hourly fees, after we complete our reviews.
  • You must pay all final fees before we can issue your permit.
  • Our final fees include building and site inspection costs, but not special inspection fees. Projects with special inspections have additional chargers.
  • Any changes in plans or additional inspections are subject to additional hourly review fees and a reinspection fee.

Planning/Land Use Permits

  • You must pay the minimum fee when your application is accepted. Minimum fees differ based on your land use permit type; see Land Use Application Requirements.
  • We invoice regularly for hourly review fees that exceed the minimum fee; invoices are due when you receive them.
  • We calculate final fees after we complete our reviews.
  • You must pay all final fees before we can issue your permit.

Over the Counter Permits

This category includes those minor structures (e.g. fences, patio covers) following City standards and sign permits. You can apply for these permits at the Development Services Counter without an appointment. Most of these permits are issued on the day you apply. All plan review and permit fees are due when we issue the permit.

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