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Subdivision Manual

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Section 0 Table of Contents
Section 1 Provides definitions to terms as used in this manual, briefly describes the documents that control land development processing, and provides a general overview of submittal requirements and processing flow charts.

Section 2

Provides specific guidelines for processing tentative and final maps for subdivisions (Section 2-100) and minor subdivisions (Section 2-200). Each subsection of this chapter includes a flow chart, sample map cover sheet and checklist.Section 2-300 of this chapter details the City's surveying requirements including procedure of survey guidelines, monumentation requirements, and monument verification. Section 2-400 covers adjustment and consolidation plats and Section 2-500 covers certificates of compliance. Formats for typical jurats, certificates, bonds, and agreements are included in Section 2-600.

Section 3

Section 3-100

Section 3-200

Section 3-300

Section 3-400


Addresses general design criteria and covers lot design and layout (Section 3-100) drainage requirements, storm drain design, and urban run-off requirements (Section 3-200), sewer requirements and sewer system design (Section 3-300), and street and road design and construction criteria (Section 3-400).

Section 4

Section 4-100

Section 4-200

Provides specific guidelines for processing construction plans including improvement plans (Section 4-100), grading plans (Section 4-200), an overview of landscape and irrigation plan requirements (Section 4-300), plans for construction permits (Section 4-400) and revisions, construction changes and as-builts (Section 4-500). Each section covers form content and processing for each type of plan. Sections 4-100 and 4-200 also contain flow charts, sample title sheet, checklists and typical notes for improvement and grading plans respectively.
Section 5 Includes a summarize list of initial plan check deposits and fees (Section 5-101 & 5-102), a list of typical fees due at final map approval or building permit issuance (Section 5-103), a summary of blueline and mylar submittal requirements and requirements for first submittals (Section 5-201 & 5-202) and a list of names and titles of government officials responsible for signing various maps and documents (Section 5-300). It is expected that one or more of these sections will be modified regularly by City Council action. Users of this manual should verify that they have the current copy of each appendix.


Sample Drawings Table

Section 2 Sample Tentative Map
Section 2 Sample Final Map
Section 201.6 Sample Tentative Parcel Map
Section 202.6 Sample Final Parcel Map
Section 2-300 Sample Procedure of Survey Map
Section 2-300 Sample Procedure of Survey Parcel Map
Section 2-405 Sample Adjustment Plat
Section 3-200.11 Sample Developed Condition Hydrology Map
Section 4-103.8 Sample Title Sheet for Improvement Plans
Section 4-205.1 Sample Title Sheet for Grading Plans
Section 4-205.2 Sample Erosion Control Plan

Standard Tentative Map Conditions

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