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About Engineering & Capital Projects

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Department of Engineering & Capital Projects
(619) 691-5021  (Main Line)
276 Fourth Avenue, Building B
Chula Vista, CA 91910

Department Head 
William Valle, PE, Director of Engineering and Capital Projects/City Engineer


The Engineering & Capital Projects Department provides engineering services, technical expertise and  oversight for the development and operations of the City’s public infrastructure and facilities.  The Department is responsible for the development of the long-range Capital Improvement Plan, the delivery of the diverse projects identified in the CIP as well as a variety of other engineering related functions. The Department strives to provide expeditious, cost-effective service while maintaining a high degree of quality optimizing mobility, public and environmental health, and safety.

The Engineering & Capital Projects Department is located in the Public Services Building B, across from the Council Chambers at 276 Fourth Avenue.  The Department consists of the following programs:

  • Advanced Planning

    Manages asset inventories, infrastructure master plans, FEMA floodplain management services, and special studies to identify current and future deficiencies in the City’s sewer, pavement, storm drain, wastewater disposal, and street systems to ensure that the City’s infrastructure will adequately serve the community now and in the future.

  • Project Delivery (Design/Survey)

    Manages the delivery of Capital Improvement Projects (CIPs) through the entire life cycle to meet or exceed quality, scope, schedule, and cost commitments to ensure that the City’s infrastructure will adequately serve the community now and in the future.  Also provides technical support services to various divisions and other departments.

  • Traffic Engineering

    Provides traffic management, operations and planning services to the traveling public so they can enjoy a safe and efficient transportation system by responding to inquiries regarding public safety and other related issues, monitoring the function and operation of the roadway system on a daily basis, initiating remedial measures for high accident locations and provide for timely transportation infrastructure.

  • Advanced Transportation Technologies & Maintenance

    Implements transportation related “Smart City” strategies and technologies, supports the Autonomous Vehicles Proving Grounds (AVPG) implementation in Chula Vista through coordination with SANDAG & CALTRANS and provides the focus and expertise needed to ensure proper development and deployment.   Provides safe movement of all users of the City’s circulation system, including vehicle operators, bicyclists and pedestrians through maintenance of electrical traffic control devices and street lighting.

  • Wastewater Engineering

    Manages the City's sewer system so that Chula Vista residents receive dependable and affordable wastewater treatment and disposal services.

  • Inspection Services

    Provides inspection, enforcement, education, contract, and permit administration services to contractor’s, developers and City departments so they can comply with City construction standards and storm water regulations related to construction activities with goal of delivering to the public cleaner water and durable and safe public infrastructure.

  • Stormwater Management

    Develops and implements comprehensive programs and activities in compliance with State and Federal Clean Water Act (CWA) standards applied locally through Municipal National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permitting requirements. Local NPDES permits are issued and regulated by the San Diego Regional Water Quality Control Board (RWQCB).  Core stormwater management services include: enforcement of the City’s stormwater ordinance, review and implementation of development standards including training to affected city staff, inspection of commercial, industrial, municipal and construction sites, water quality monitoring and reporting, complaint response, community outreach and education, and interjurisdictional watershed management.

  • Building Construction (City Facilities)

    Manages the delivery of CIPs for major maintenance projects associated with City facilities as well as new building construction projects such as the Fire Stations.  Ensures the construction of public buildings is cost effective, efficient and delivered with a high level of quality.

  • Wastewater Management

    Provides wastewater infrastructure maintenance services to residents, businesses, and other City departments to sustain a reliable and environmentally safe wastewater system.

  • Fiscal Sustainability

    Prepares the annual Capital Improvement Program, oversees funds, grants and projects. Provides financial support services to manage and accommodate growth while maintaining service levels for existing infrastructure.

This is all accomplished through the Department’s commitment to provide a safe and sustainable environment for the City’s residents and to keep the City beautiful. We provide the means for residents to live in the City and get safely to work, schools, shops, businesses, offices, and other communities.




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