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About Finance

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Director of Finance/Treasurer

David Bilby, the Director of Finance/Treasurer for the City of Chula Vista, began his career in the private sector as an entrepreneur and foreclosure supervisor before moving over to the public sector where he has 11 years of professional experience in the area of public finance.  He has been involved in a wide variety of public finance projects as an agency Director of Finance, Finance Manager, Purchasing & Debt Manager, and financial analyst.

Mr. Bilby has experience in preparing Operating and Capital Improvement Budgets, Cash Flow Analysis, and competitive purchasing practices. He has also lead finance teams in the completion of annual, agency-wide financial audits and Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) composition. In addition, he has authored agency financial policies primarily related to Investments, Debt, and Asset Management.

Mr. Bilby grew up in Poway and graduated from Poway High School. He earned his B.S. Degree with an emphasis in Finance and a Masters Degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Finance from San Diego State University. He is also a Certified Public Finance Officer.

The powers and duties of the Director of Finance are established in Section 504 of the City's Charter.


 Mission Statement

The Chula Vista Finance Department is dedicated to supporting the long-term financial stability of the City and enhancing public and organizational trust through integrity of financial reporting and sound financial management practices.

Organizational Structure

The Finance Department administers the City's financial affairs, supervises the disbursements of all monies, manages all fiscal systems, collects and records all revenues, assists in the preparation of the citywide budget, manages all investments and borrowing, and provides centralized procurement services to all City departments. The Finance Department can be contacted at (619) 691-5250.

The Finance Department is organized into four divisions:

Office of Budget & Analysis

  • Coordinates, prepares and presents the City's operating budget.
  • Performs and reviews fiscal analyses and program and policy proposals for fiscal impact accuracy.
  • Updates the City's indirect cost allocation plan which determines the total cost of providing various programs and services.
  • Assists departments in updating fees and contracts to ensure accuracy and cost recovery.
  • Provides analytical support on various operational and staffing issues throughout the City and participates in a number of special projects and studies.
Comptroller Divisionaboutusmoney
  • Prepares various financial reports including the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report.
  • Maintains centralized accounting records for the City.
  • Monitors all fiscal activities in accordance with authorized spending levels.
  • Processes payroll and accounts payable.
  • Prepares various financial reports including the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report.

Revenue & Recovery Division

  • Responsible for cash management and investment of all City funds.
  • Processes bills and payments for various fees, taxes and services (e.g., sewer, parking citations, delinquent trash accounts).
  • Customer service representatives are available Monday - Thursday, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm, and Friday 9:00 am - Noon.

Purchasing Division 

  • Administers Centralized Purchasing System, standardizing bidding and evaluation procedures, achieving economy of scale benefits, providing consistency in dealing with suppliers, and ensuring an open, fair, and competitive procurement process.
  • Determines the most cost-effective means for securing a requirement, and the extent to which the initiating department will be involved.
  • Implements purchasing guidelines, as established in Chula Vista Municipal Code Section 2.56 and City Charter Section 1010.
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