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Sewer Billing Policies & Forms

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Billing Policies

  • 900-01 Single-Family Residential Winter Average Rate
  • 900-02 New Single-Family Residential Account Rate
  • 900-03 Single-Family Residential Account Name Change
  • 900-04 Vacant Single-Family Residence Sewer Rate
  • 900-05 Back Billing and Refunds
  • 900-06 Low Income Reduced Sewer Service Charge

Billing Forms

  • 900-04F Request for Vacant Residential Sewer Rate
  • 900-06F Application for Reduced Sewer Service Charge

    Open or Cancel Sewer Service

    The City of Chula Vista bills Sweetwater Authority water customers for sewer service. Upon establishing water service, the City will process your bi-monthly sewer bill independent of the water company.  If you would like to open or close your account, please contact Sweetwater Authority at (619) 420-1413. The City will then send a final closing bill upon notification by Sweetwater Authority that the account is now closed. 

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