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Apparatus Type Explained

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Type I Engine

Type I Engine // Engines 51, 52, 54, 55, 56, 57, 58, 59                               & 60

These front-line apparatus carry 500 gallons of water and various types of hose, along with rescue and emergency medical equipment. Staffed with four firefighters each day, there are nine of these engines responding from strategically placed fire stations around the City.


Ladder Truck


Ladder Truck // Truck 51 & Truck 57

Responding to fires, rescues and medical emergencies, these apparatus carry a large compliment of ladders, tools and auto extrication equipment. Staffed with four firefighters each day, there are two ladder trucks in-service on the east and west side of the City respectively.


Type I Heavy Rescue


Type I Heavy Rescue // US&R 53

This unique apparatus is staffed with four firefighters each day and responds to fires, technical rescues and medical emergencies. Crew members have received a high level of additional training in order to utilize the large number of specialized tools and equipment found here.




Type III Brush Rig // Brush 56

Carrying 500 gallons of water and a number of special hose packs and tools suited specifically for wildland fire incidents, this apparatus can be found at Fire Station 6 and is “cross-staffed” by four firefighters assigned there. This means that based on the type of emergency call received, the crew can respond in either the front-line Type I Engine or the Type III Brush Rig.


Battalion Chief // Battalion 51 & 52

Every day the Fire Department has two Battalion Chiefs on-duty, each covering one half of the City. These Chiefs serve as supervisors for a number of fire stations and their respective crews, and take command of major emergency incidents. 

Reserve Engine

Reserve Engine

These apparatus are utilized when front-line Engines are placed out-of-service for routine maintenance or any other number of operational reasons. At one point in time, our Reserve fleets served in a front-line capacity, but were placed in reserve status as new apparatus were purchased.


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