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Color Guard

Established in 2002, the CVFD Color Guard proudly serves as ambassadors of the Department in a positive display of professionalism and patriotism. The Color Guard represents the department by presenting the “Colors” (national, state, and city flags protected by axe bearers) during many civic events including parades, sporting events, charities, graduations, and funerals. The Color Guard’s unique uniform and precision marching help to achieve a high-level of excellence for each assignment they are detailed to perform.   The Color Guard welcomes requests from the community, civic groups, companies and schools.  They appreciate a minimum of two-week advance notice in advance of a given event.  

For more information, or to request the Color Guard, please call (619) 691-5055.  

Fire Explorer Post 2205

The Chula Vista Fire Explorers were developed in 1989, and are sponsored by Learning For Life. The goal of this program is to introduce young men and women to the activities related to the fire service. This training develops character, responsibility, and teamwork in the participant.  Applications are completed online and are accepted year-round.

Additional information regarding the Fire Explorers, including the Online Application, can be found here.

Chula Vista Firefighter’s Foundation (CVFF)

The CVFF is an independent 501(c)3 non-profit that enjoys a close relationship with the Fire Department.  The CVFF is dedicated to providing assistance for disaster relief, safety, education and community needs of citizens of Chula Vista and surrounding area through humanitarian aid, financial support and general assistance to ensure quality of life. Comprised of active-duty firefighters and private citizens from the community, the CVFF is a 100% volunteer organization, hosting a variety of different family-friendly activities throughout the year to help bring awareness to the important causes outlined in the organizational mission.

For more information about the CVFF, visit their website here.  

Urban Search & Rescue (US&R)

The US&R program was launched May 12, 2006 and provides a number of unique response capabilities not found in many other fire departments or communities. There are two separate but equally important branches of the US&R program:  

US&R 53 // Type 1 Heavy Rescue  

This apparatus can be found at Fire Station #3 and is staffed full-time by a four-person crew.  Also found at the station is the US&R 53 Tender and 35’ Trailer, which stores a compliment of lumber (used in structural collapse) and other large tools that cannot be stored on the front-line apparatus.  US&R 53 serves many purposes, including but not limited to:

  • Rescue capability at the scene of a fire: Personnel are trained for rescue of civilian and firefighter victims
  • Technical rescue (Trench Rescue, Rope Rescue, Structural Collapse, Confined Space Rescue):
  • Emergency Medical Services: Respond to medical emergencies of any kind.  

CVFD Rescue Instructor Cadre // Rescue Classes

All Rescue personnel are highly trained in various technical rescue disciplines, and have passed a rigorous testing procedure in order to work on US&R 53.  Because technical rescue calls are by definition low volume and high risk, it's important for personnel to constantly train and practice all the skills required of them with regard to these various disciplines.  So that they may stay up to date on all the latest techniques and procedures, US&R 53 personnel past and present serve as members of the CVFD Rescue Instructor Cadre.  This provides students an opportunity to train with subject matter experts who have real-world experience from which to draw when delivering the course curriculum.

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