Association of Chula Vista Employees

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The Association of Chula Vista Employees (ACE) is the successor association to the Chula Vista Employees Association (CVEA/SEIU Local 221).  On May 16th, 2017, more than 50% of CVEA/SEIU Local 221 Chula Vista employee members voted to legally decertify from SEIU and form a new, independent association for Chula Vista City employees under the name ACE. 

ACE is made up of approximately 375 service employees, covering about 170 different job descriptions working in various departments (Public Works, Police, Development Services, Animal Control, Finance, Fire, Libraries, Human Resources, IT and Recreation).   ACE was created to provide services to our employee members by advocating on their behalf for safe and healthy work environments, to protect their rights, and to act as an intermediary between employees and management regarding all matters of employment.  Through collective bargaining, we help improve the lives of employees with competitive wages and benefits, such as pensions, healthcare, vacation, sick leave and professional enrichment.  In return, we provide essential quality services for the safety and wellbeing of the Chula Vista community.

 We exist to PROTECT and IMPROVE the working conditions and benefits of our members!

President Nicole Hobson (former CVEA Treasurer)
Vice President Wayne Zarling (former CVEA Board member)
Secretary Vacant
Treasurer Esteban Barajas
Board Member Grace Knepper (former CVEA Board member)
Board Member Vacant
Board Member David Moran (former CVEA Treasurer)
Board Member Larry Tran
Employee Services Labor Rep Mike Powell



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