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Geographic Information Services

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Mapping The City of Chula Vista

A Geographic Information System, or GIS, is a computer-based mapping and information system. GIS enables the City to link information about places, events and facilities to their correct location on a map, thereby providing a better understanding of that information and how it affects and is affected by things and events nearby.

A Multi-Purpose Information Window

The City of Chula Vista maintains an integrated enterprise-wide GIS, with easy to use viewer applications, accessed and utilized by nearly all City departments. This includes data such as population demographics, facility locations, emergency readiness, development monitoring and land use data. The GIS enables the City to manage, process and share a large amount of geographically based information with flexibility, accuracy and efficiency, to automate and streamline access to that information. As a multi-departmental resource, GIS includes common citywide base maps and related data, as well as specialized departmental thematic maps and data. The system is compatible with other systems for integration and sharing of data, expandable to meet user needs, and readily accessible and user friendly. As an agency, Chula Vista participates in regional and worldwide map information sharing, such as the seamless ESRI Community Basemap, where The City’s basic information is provided to the mapping community by our personnel, who know it best.

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