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Innovation Station

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Libraries across the nation are re-imagining their public spaces and unique approach to serving the community. This web page is designed to offer information and resources to help libraries throughout California launch their own re-imagined library spaces.



The Innovation Station is a maker space and community STEAM lab inspired by Qualcomm® Thinkabit Lab™.

STEAM is an acronym that stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math.

The jobs of our new economy require knowledge of STEAM subjects and skills; we want to help develop those skills in our communities. STEAM jobs in the United States have grown terrifically in the past decade and are expected to continue growing. Possessing STEAM skills gives communities an economic advantage.

A library's mission is to create an informed patronage. Whether about health, the environment, or technology, a certain level of scientific knowledge is vital to informed decision making. Maker spaces such as our Innovation Station are a crucial next step in creating an up-to-date and well informed community.

The Chula Vista Public library has made developing STEAM skills a priority to our community members. We are empowering children and teens in the understanding of complex problems and innovative solutions to solve them.

We offer exciting, hands-on programs built exploring robotics, engineering, 3D design, science experiments, computer coding, and more. We also offer access to the tools and technology that make that exploration possible. For example, in 2017 the library was selected as a NASA@ My Library partner.


Betty Waznis.Former Director of Chula Vista Public Library.

“The 21st century public library is very strong in the makerspace concept. We’re not necessarily here to preserve knowledge only, but to let people create knowledge for themselves.”


Michael Bruder.Engineering Teacher, Innovation Station.

“We don’t want our students to just become consumers of technology. We want them to be in the forefront, creating.”


Nicholas Burmeister.Librarian, Chula Vista Public Library

“Makerspaces like or own Innovation Station represent a great way to bridge the digital divide and inspire a new generation of high-tech entrepreneurs. ”


We have found that partnerships with local schools, businesses and community leaders have helped to provide resources and support. The California State Library is also available to support innovation in our libraries.

The Innovation Station is a maker space and community STEM lab inspired by Qualcomm® Thinkabit Lab™. This successful program is a collaboration between the Chula Vista Public Library, Qualcomm, and the Chula Vista Elementary School District.

The California State Library is a partial funder of the original “Innovation Station” concept and is interested in promoting it as an innovative model for other libraries and their partners. We encourage collaborative efforts to create spaces similar to the “Innovation Station,” which works as a classroom and community experience with STEM, STEAM and other intergenerational, life-long learning opportunities that promote workforce development in the immediate community and region at large.

Hey California Libraries! Check out this grant from the California State Library. It's goal is to upgrade library hardware and software to make more efficient use of online technology!


Come see our re-imagined library space, the Innovation Station, and imagine the possibilities.
CLICK HERE for the Library Calendar of Events featuring exciting STEAM events every week.
Check out some of our on-line STEAM resources as well.

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