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CVPDbadgeChief Kennedy leads a department of 249 sworn officers, 106 civilian employees, and more than a hundred volunteers (Organizational Chart). The department maintains a budget of $58.3 million and provides law enforcement services to a community of over 270,000 people. Chula Vista is the second largest city in San Diego County, 13th largest in the state and the 89th largest in the country. Chula Vista was recently designated the 10th safest city in the United States for jurisdictions with more than 200,000 population.         



Chief of Police

(619) 691-5150


Captain Vern Sallee
Chief Roxana Kennedy

On December 30, 2016, Roxana Kennedy was appointed as the City of Chula Vista’s 24th Chief of Police. Chief Kennedy began her law enforcement career in 1992 after graduating from the Southwestern College Police Academy. She rose through the ranks to become the first female Chief of Police for the City of Chula Vista.

As an Officer, Chief Kennedy established a reputation for an outstanding work ethic, professionalism, commitment to the community, and dedication to the job. Her passion for police work and providing the highest quality of service to the community quickly propelled her through the ranks to become Chula Vista’s first female Police Lieutenant and then in 2013, Police Captain.

During Chief Kennedy’s career, she managed the Patrol Operations Division which is the largest division in the police department and is composed of 67 percent of all sworn personnel. Chief Kennedy oversaw Patrol, Traffic, School Resource Officers, Street Team and Gang Suppression Unit, Community Policing Unit, Community Relations and Crime Analysis.  In addition, the Patrol Division also includes canine units, Senior Volunteer Patrol, the Reserve Unit, Crisis Negotiations, SWAT, Mobile Field Force, bilingual services, and mental health assistance in coordination with the Psychiatric Emergency Response Teams (PERT).

Chief Kennedy has worked various assignments throughout her career including Patrol Officer, Street Team Officer, Field Agent, Background Investigator, Patrol Sergeant, Street Team Sergeant, Watch Commander, Geographic Policing District Commander, and Investigative Division Lieutenant. During her career, she served on both the Crisis Negotiation Team and the Mobile Field Force Unit for 22 years, including 12 years as the Unit Commander for each team. In addition, Kennedy directed a very active Wellness/Peer Support Team for the Department.

Under Chief Kennedy’s leadership, Chula Vista Police Department (CVPD) has adopted an innovation initiative focused on using technology to enhance community safety, increase situational awareness and officer safety, and reduce response times. Chula Vista Police Department is proud to be the first and only police department to work under the Federal Aviation Administration’s UAS Integrated Pilot Program “Drone as a First Responder (DFR)” concept which provides real-time data to officers and supervisors allowing officers to make better tactical decisions in the field providing safer outcomes for all parties involved.   Chief Kennedy’s goal is sharing our story with our law enforcement partners nationally and internationally to help standardize and expand to any agency interested in the benefits. CVPD is also leading another pilot project called Live911. Live911 allows the officers in the field to hear incoming 911 calls and respond before critical calls are processed and dispatched.

Other programs of importance include:

  • Body Worn Cameras - Issued to all uniformed patrol
  • Cell phone deployment to all sworn officers
  • DeX-pilot program replacing MDC's with officers' hand-held smart phones docked in the vehicle
  • Opticom - preemptive traffic light CAD integration for responding officers
  • Open Data Initiative - To provide greater transparency, build trust, and enhance community engagement, the Chula Vista Police Department is proud to be one of the first law enforcement agencies in the United States to participate in the White House Open Data Initiative.
  • Speakwrite- Application based report writing dictation program
  • State of the Art Communication Center

Chief Kennedy has a bachelor’s degree in Business Management from California Coast University. She is a graduate of the FBI National Academy, Class #243 and served on the FBI National Academy California Chapter Board of Directors for six years. She is a founding member of the San Diego Chapter of Woman Leaders in Law Enforcement Foundation and served as President of the Chapter for 3 years. Chief Kennedy is currently the President of the San Diego County Chiefs' and Sheriff's Association and is on the Board of Directors for Girls Scouts San Diego. Yet, what is most important to her, is spending time with her family and friends, and volunteering with non-profit organizations. Chief Kennedy serves as the President of Project Compassion and leads medical mission teams throughout the world helping those in need. She has traveled and lead teams on more than 20 international trips to Uganda, Kenya, Cameroon, Mozambique, Malawi, Kenya, Madagascar, Mexico, Ecuador, and Ethiopia. Helping others is her passion and motivation.


Patrol Operation Division

(619) 691-5218

Captain Vern Sallee
Vern Sallee

The Patrol Operations division  is the largest division of the police department and represents the majority of its’ uniformed presence. Responding to more than 65,000 citizen calls for service annually, the Patrol Operations Division serves the community and meets crime face-to-face in a wide range of situations 24-hours a day, 365 days a year.

The division consists of Patrol, UAS operations, Traffic, Street Team, the Gang Suppression Unit, the Community Policing Unit and the Homeless Outreach Team.  Although most of the division’s activity centers around calls for police assistance, other special details and services include canine units, Senior Volunteer Patrol, Crisis Negotiations, Mobile Field Force, bilingual services, and mental health assistance in coordination with the Psychiatric Emergency Response Teams (PERT).

Captain Vern Sallee began his law enforcement career in 1995 as a CVPD sponsored recruit and attended the San Diego Regional Police Academy. After graduation, Captain Sallee worked various assignments, including patrol officer, Street Team officer, field agent, background investigator, patrol sergeant, Professional Standards Unit sergeant, watch commander, and Professional Standards Unit lieutenant. In December 2014, he was promoted to captain where he commanded the Support Operations division and subsequently the Investigations division. In May 2018 he was placed in command of the Patrol Operations division and is second in command to the Chief of Police.

During his career, Captain Sallee has had several collateral assignments including serving as a Field Training Officer, crisis negotiator, Mobile Field Force member, Forensic Evidence Technician, Crisis Negotiation Team sergeant and training manager. He also led several significant projects, including the planning and implementation of the department’s Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) program, the design and deployment of a state-of-the art command post, and the implementation of the department's body worn camera program among other technology initiatives designed to improve efficiency and enhance public safety.

Since October 2018, Captain Sallee has led a significant expansion CVPD’s UAS program known as Drone as a First Responder (DFR) as part of the Federal Aviation Administration’s UAS Integration Pilot Program (IPP).  CVPD’s groundbreaking DFR program has been recognized nationally as a revolutionary public safety model which provides real-time video and decision quality data to officers on routine calls for service.  Captain Sallee is a subject matter expert with the Office of Community Oriented Policing (COPS Office) UAS Working group, to help develop guidance for police agencies to effectively use UAS technology to enhance public safety, while also protecting the public from the malicious use of UAS.  He has also represented CVPD as a presenter and subject matter expert on police use of drones at the FBIAA national conference, the IACP technology conference, the IACP national conference and numerous other UAS and public safety forums.

Captain Sallee serves as the Police Department's representative on the City of Chula Vista's Smart Cities team; with the goal of utilizing technology and partnerships to improve municipal services and responsiveness throughout the City.  Finally, Captain Sallee has led efforts to improve department transparency by leading the department's participation in the White House Police Data Initiative.  Captain Sallee led Chula Vista's efforts to be one of the first 53 police departments in the country to commit to publicly sharing data on citizen complaints, officer demographics and other non-crime related statistics to improve transparency and community trust. 

Captain Sallee has a Master of Science Degree in Administrative Studies with a criminal justice emphasis from Missouri State University and a bachelor’s degree in psychology from San Diego State University. He is a graduate of the Los Angeles Police Department Leadership Program, California P.O.S.T. Command College (Class 53) and the FBI National Academy (Class 270). He has been published in Police Chief Magazine and is a former adjunct community college instructor; having taught police ethics, forensic photography and police community relations.   


Support Operations Division

(619) 691-5230

Captain Eric Thunberg
Eric Thunberg

The Support Operations Division consists of Forensic Services, Evidence Control, the City Jail, the 9-1-1 Police Communications Center, and the Professional Standards Unit, the Training Unit, and Chief’s Advisory Committee Liaison.

Captain Eric Thunberg began his career with the Chula Vista Police Department in 1993 as a police officer.  He served as a field training officer, mobile field force member, bicycle team member, and was assigned to both the gang suppression unit and the violent crimes unit as a gang investigator.  In 2000, he was promoted to agent and was assigned to the violent crimes unit as a homicide/gang detective.  He was the recipient of American Legion Award of Heroism in 2003.  He was promoted to sergeant in 2004.  He served as a patrol supervisor, and in 2006 was assigned as the sergeant of a multi-agency county-wide gang and narcotics task force.  In 2009, he was promoted to Lieutenant and assigned as a Watch Commander, Geographic Policing Commander, FTO Program Manager, Special Operations Commander and Criminal Investigations Commander with additional responsibility of Public Information Officer.  Collaterally, he was the SWAT Team Commander from 2013 until promotion to Captain in April 2018.  He currently oversees the Investigations Division.      

Captain Thunberg holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice from California Coast University and is a graduate of the Sherman Block Supervisory Leadership Institute Session #241.  He attended the FBI National Academy Session #255 and is currently serving as an executive board member of the FBI National Academy Associates Inc. California Chapter and has served as a board member of the Chula Vista Charitable Foundation.

His hobbies include hiking and camping, golf and traveling.  He is married and has two daughters.


Investigations Division

(619) 691-5209

Captain Phil Collum
Phil Collum

The Investigations Division consists of the Criminal Investigations Division, the Special Operations Division, School Resource Officers, and the Police Technology Unit. The Criminal Investigations Division (CID) consists of Crimes of Violence, Property Crimes, Family Protection,  and  Digital Evidence.  The Special Operations Division (Spec Ops) consists of Narcotics Enforcement, Special Investigations, and various task forces.

Captain Phil Collum began his law enforcement career as a Community Service Officer in 1990, while attending college in Santa Cruz, California. He worked as a Police Dispatcher and Reserve Police Office before being hired as a Patrol Officer in 1992. Captain Collum returned to his hometown of San Diego in October of 1994, and was hired by the Chula Vista Police Department. Over the next 15 years, Captain Collum established a reputation through his fairness and transparency, ethical professionalism and dedication to community policing. He is committed to communication and community engagement, and shares his passion for professional knowledge and technical skills. In 2009, he rose through the ranks to become the Police Department’s first African-American employee to be promoted to the rank of Police Lieutenant, and then to Police Captain in 2018.

Captain Collum has worked a variety of assignments throughout his career, including positions as a general Patrol Officer, Neighborhood Enforcement Officer, Gang Enforcement Officer, Field Training Officer, Field Agent, Ethics Instructor, and Detective in the Family Protection Unit. As a manager, Captain Collum served as a Field Sergeant, Supervisor of the Professional Standards Unit, Patrol Watch Commander, Field Training Program Manager, North District Commander, and manager of the Police Department’s Jail, 911 Communications Center, and Police Technology Unit. Captain Collum also established the Police Department’s first Citizens’ Police Academy, was a central figure in the initial deployment and subsequent modernization of patrol computing and telecommunication platforms, coordinated the modernization of the police department’s 800-page policy manual, and was the project manager for the implementation of the department’s Computer Aided Dispatch system. 

Captain Collum has a Bachelor’s of Science Degree (Summa Cum Laude) in Criminal Justice from California Coast University. He is also a graduate of California’s prestigious Command College (Class 58), where he was honored as the selected speaker to police executives from across the state. In his spare time, Captain Collum volunteers for his church, assists with a variety of social programs such as the Barrio Logan College Institute and the United Way, works to enhance police-community relationships with a variety of under-represented communities throughout Chula Vista, is an experienced professional photographer, and enjoys spending quality time with his husband, family and friends.


Administrative Services Division

(619) 476-2570

ASM Jonathan Alegre
Administrative Services Manager
Jonathan Alegre

The Administrative Services Division consists of Fiscal Operations, Research and Analysis, and Police Support Services.

Jonathan Alegre was hired by the Police Department in March 2004 to oversee the Fiscal Operations Unit. He created a financial forecasting model that has been shared with other departments and implemented a Police Grants Management System that has been beneficial for grant administration and audits. During his 10 years in the Fiscal Operations Unit, he was honored twice with the Thomas G. Loughran Award, which recognizes the Department's Civilian Employee of the Year. In June 2014, he promoted to Administrative Services Manager.


ASM Alegre has a Bachelor's degree in Economics from University of California San Diego and an Associate's degree in Accounting from Southwestern Community College. A native of San Diego, he enjoys spending time with family and friends.





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