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Open Data Initiative

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To provide greater transparency, build trust, and enhance community engagement, the Chula Vista Police Department is proud to be one of the first law enforcement agencies in the United States to participate in the White House Open Data Initiative. In this program, we are expanding the types of information we already share with our community.

Beyond the initiative, we are always looking for ways to stay engaged with the community and empower the residents and visitors to learn more about what we do to keep our community safe. Through our dashboards we continuously share information focused on key community concerns. Dashboards are the latest technology for data sharing. It allows the user to access content in an interactive way. With this new flexibility, users can customize their research based on the specific needs.

We encourage you to visit the site often since we are continuously working on ways to share new content.  

How to interact with dashboards

Dashboards are used to look at information from different viewpoints by simply grouping and/or selecting different values within one predefined dashboard. The content can be viewed from different perspectives without the need to visit multiple resources.

To start using the dashboard, select or deselect descriptions, filters or values within the dashboard.

Here are some other helpful tips to get you started:

   Press this icon to expand or collapse the size of the dashboard – This feature is located at the bottom right of the dashboard.

    Navigation tool to toggle between dashboards. Use “<” to scroll to the left and “>” to scroll to the right – This feature is located at the center of the bottom of the dashboard.

Some dashboards may have optional filters to narrow down the information. Select a value from the filter to narrow down data. When needing to filter by multiple values, press CTRL key and select the desired values. To reset the settings and view all the available data, deselect all the values until the boxes are white.

 You can also drill down/filter content by selecting a value/label within a table or maybe a pie chart sector or a bar within a graph. To undo the selection, simply click in same location again.

It is important to always review the options you selected/deselected carefully before you assume that the data you see displayed in the dashboard is answering your question.

Dashboards are very useful tools when reviewing data but the information displayed within them is only part of the facts. It is always important to avoid making assumptions or conclusion without additional discussions with the staff responsible for publishing the data. Please feel free to contact us if you would like us to help validate or answer any additional questions by emailing us at


Internal and Administrative Data:

Special Studies and Crime & Disorder Data:    

Program related dashboards:


We will continue to add information on our website as it is identified through community feedback. Please contact Captain Vern Sallee at with any questions or comments. We believe our participation in the Open Data Initiative will strengthen the positive relationship between the Chula Vista Police Department and the community we serve.

Roxana Kennedy, Chief of Police

Chula Vista Police Department


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