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Support Operations

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Professional Standards

(619) 691-5217

The purpose of Professional Standards Unit is to conduct thorough and objective administrative investigations, to select quality applicants for employment with the Department, to insure policies are being followed by department personnel, protect the public from employee misconduct, and protect employees from false allegations of misconduct. 

Filing a Complaint

You may file your complaints by telephone, in writing via postal mail, or addresses below. To file a complaint regarding the performance of a Chula Vista Police Department employee, notify a Police Department Supervisor by:

  • Visiting the Police Department in person
  • Calling the Chula Vista Police Department’s non-emergency number at (619) 691-5151
  • Mailing comments to 315 Fourth Ave. Chula Vista, CA 91910

You may file a complaint in writing by completing the attached Citizen Complaint Form. Your written complaint or compliment should include as much of the following information as possible: Your name, address, telephone number(s); the subject of your complaint/praise with his/her name, rank, badge number (if known); the location, date, and time of the alleged incident; the nature of your complaint/praise with all pertinent information; along with the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of any witnesses to your incident.

Filing a Compliment

You may file your compliments by visiting our Contact Us page.  Please as much information as possible regarding your experience with a member of the Chula Vista Police Department.  

Chula Vista City Jail

(619) 691-5220

The Chula Vista Police Department operates its own Type I jail facility, and can house up to 50 inmates for months and a time. The Chula Vista Jail is over 8,000 square feet large, and consists of 50 beds in a total of 13 cells. The Jail is overseen by a variety of local and state regulators to meet or exceed all requirements for a safe, healthy, and productive environment for the inmates in its custody. The Chula Vista Jail is the primary first stop for anyone arrested by the Chula Vista Police Department.

Communications Center

(619) 691-5151

The Communications Center acts as the nerve center for the Chula Vista Police Department. Communications personnel answer all emergency 9-1-1 phone calls and all other non-emergency requests for police service. The Communications Center is also responsible for all police radio communications, dispatching officers where they are needed, and coordinates communication with a variety law enforcement agencies in the region.

Police Technology

(619) 691-5290

Modern policing makes use of a wide variety of high-tech tools and is constantly evolving. The Police Technology unit is responsible for the management and maintenance of all technologies used by the police department. The Police Technology unit also oversees strategic planning and implementation for the technologies of tomorrow.

Forensic Services

(619) 691-5249

Forensic Services consists of two sections: The Crime Scene section and the Latent Print section. In the Crime Scene section, Forensic Specialists work with police investigators at major crime scenes, where they are responsible for locating, documenting, and collecting physical evidence. Forensic Specialists also process evidence submitted to the crime lab with requests for various forensic examinations including fingerprinting, high detail photography, and follow-up trace evidence searches.

In the Latent Print section, Latent Print Examiners use the latest technology, including computerized fingerprint identification systems and microscopes, to examine latent finger and palm print evidence collected from crime scenes. Examiners assist during case investigations by providing detectives with possible suspect information developed from automated latent print searches against county, state, and federal finger and palm print databases. The prints identified by Latent Print Examiners often lead to the arrest and conviction of criminals.

Evidence Control

(619) 691-5131 or (619) 691-5249

Evidence Control is responsible for receiving, storing and legally disposing of thousands of items of property and evidence that is impounded each year by Chula Vista Police Officers, Forensic Specialists, and Community Service Officers.

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