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Resources for Apartment Residents

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How can I stay safe in my apartment?


Review these general apartment safety tips and fliers on preventing apartment burglary and vehicle crime that were developed specifically for Chula Vista residents.

What should I do if I hear a loud argument or a domestic violence incident?

If you hear or witness domestic violence or domestic disturbances (loud arguments), please call 911 right away. You may remain anonymous.

If you are a domestic violence victim, please contact the Police Department at 911 for immediate assistance, or (619) 691-5151 to file a report. Also, please contact South Bay Community Services (SBCS) at (800) 640-2933 to obtain domestic violence support services, such as counseling, case management and treatment. SBCS also provides housing for victims and children exposed to violence. Finally, please consider obtaining a temporary restraining order (TRO). A short video on how to get a domestic violence TRO in San Diego County is available here (in English and Spanish). If you are a domestic violence victim, you can break your lease without penalty by giving your landlord 30 days notice and a copy of the police report. You can also request a partial eviction of your abuser.

Should I call the police about noise problems?

CallingIt is more effective to call your property manager or security staff. Management has better leverage over noise and nuisance problems on the property by enforcing the community rules and lease. If you are willing to sign a complaint and follow through with future court appearances, or property management is not available, call the Police Department's non-emergency number (619) 691-5151.


How do I report drug activity?

Contact the Police Department's Narcotic Enforcement Team tip line at (619) 691-5054. You may remain anonymous.

Can I get low-cost legal assistance related to housing issues?

Yes. Contact the Lawyers Referral and Information Service (LRIS), a non-profit arm of the San Diego County Bar Association. LRIS matches up people seeking legal advice with attorneys who have been screened by the bar association. The initial 30-minute telephone consultation is free. Fees apply for additional legal services.

What are tenants’ and landlords’ rights and responsibilities under California law?

Click here to find the answers developed by the California Department of Consumer Affairs. This publication is also available en Español. To learn more about how you can get back possessions left in a rental unit, click here.

I have more questions about apartment safety. Who can I contact?

Please contact:

Angela Gaines, Community Relations Specialist
(619) 691-5187

Karin Schmerler, Senior Public Safety Analyst
(619) 409-5410

Carol Trujillo, Deputy City Attorney
(619) 409-5466

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