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Addressing Homeless-Related Issues

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The Chula Vista Police Department (CVPD) believes that all residents are individuals of great worth and importance. The department attaches no subjective moral judgment on those who, either by choice or through unfortunate circumstance, find themselves living without a home. However, there are certain environmental and societal issues related to the living conditions of the homeless that affect all citizens including residents, businesses, and the homeless themselves. To balance the needs of all of these groups, as well as promote a positive and healthy quality of life, the CVPD has created the Homeless Outreach Team (HOT), which is made up of police officers, public safety analysts, and representatives of community outreach organizations. This team has been tasked with analyzing environmental and societal factors related to quality of life in Chula Vista as it relates to homelessness, developing strategies to deal with these factors, and implementing these strategies for the betterment of everyone.

Rights, Responsibilities and Resolutions presentation - A Multidisciplinary Approach to Addressing Homelessness

Residents - With 52 square miles and 250,000 residents, the City and Police Department strive to create and preserve a healthy, safe, family-friendly environment in residential areas and parks. Below are links to information and resources regarding homeless-related public safety concerns frequently raised by residents.

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Resources for Residents

Businesses - While the homeless population does not directly and negatively impact a business' ability to operate, many of the societal issues that often accompany homelessness (public drinking, loitering, and trespassing) can have a detrimental effect. Below are links to information and resources regarding homeless-related public safety concerns frequently raised by businesses.

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Resources for Businesses

Homeless Persons - One of the core values of Police Department is treating all persons with respect, dignity, and fairness. Many resources exist to provide assistance to the homeless population of our city.

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Resources for Homeless Persons

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