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Homeless-Related Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are there shelters in Chula Vista? There are emergency shelters, transitional housing, supportive housing, seasonal shelters, and hotel/motel vouchers available for homeless persons in the Chula Vista area. To check the availability of housing, please dial 2-1-1. 211 San Diego serves as the informational hub that connects people with community resources like housing. For a complete listing of housing available in San Diego County, please see the San Diego County Housing Resources Directory. 

2. Are there any free or low-cost health clinics? The Chula Vista Family Health Center, located at 251 Landis Avenue in Chula Vista is committed to serving uninsured, low-income and medically underserved persons. Their phone number is (619) 934-9578.

3. Is panhandling legal in the City of Chula Vista? Yes it is, under certain conditions and circumstances. Panhandling is not permitted within 500 feet of a freeway access ramp. Additionally, the panhandling activity must not be aggressive enough to be deemed "accosting a person for purpose of begging." Lastly, the activity must not in any way inhibit the normal flow and process of businesses.

4. Is there any central location to access different community services? Yes. 211 San Diego is a resource and information hub that connects people with community, health and disaster services through a no-cost, 24/7, stigma-free confidential phone service (dial 2-1-1) and searchable online database. 211 San Diego serves the entire population of San Diego County. South Bay Community Services, located in Chula Vista, is also a hub for many different resources within out local community. They can be contacted at (619) 420-3620. Additionally, there are many other resources available on our Housing Resources website.

5. Is drinking alcohol allowed in local parks? Alcohol consumption is not permitted in any city park that has signs that prohibit alcohol consumption. In parks that are not posted with these signs, alcohol consumption is not permitted between 8 p.m. and 7 a.m. from April to October, and between 7 p.m. and 7 a.m., from November to March.

6. What other activities are prohibited in City parks? Local parks have posted hours of operation, and being in the park after the posted hours is trespassing. No camping or overnight activities are allowed. Bathing, fishing, using sinks to wash clothes, and having open fires are also all prohibited.

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