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Grounds for Denial

Once a request for a permit to operate is received, CVPD will review relevant data regarding the property. Operating permits may be denied or revoked for any of the following reasons:

  • The hotel/motel owes the City Transient Occupancy Tax
  • The hotel/motel has an unabated Notice of Violation (code violation) in excess of 30 days
  • The hotel/motel has excessive criminal activity occur on-site such as drug-related arrests, prostitution-related arrests, and/or a high volume of calls for service
  • The hotel/motel is not in compliance with Federal, State, and City Municipal codes
  • Any other conditions, problems, issues, concerns or facts that are deemed relevant

Call for Service Ratio (CFS)

In an effort to keep crime and disorder to a minimum, a call for service ratio of 0.50 was established to set a City standard for Chula Vista hotels/motels. The following formula was used to calculate the CFS ratio for each property:

CFS/Rooms = CFS Ratio

If calls for service to a particular property are at 0.50 or below, the property is compliant with the ordinance requirements.

If a property exceeds the CFS standard or the property has excessive drug or prostitution-related arrests, operators will be notified and given the opportunity to implement management practices that will reduce the problems.

Hotel/motel operators and guests are encouraged to report criminal activity.  The Chula Vista Police Department can assist hotel/motel operators in assessing ways to mitigate crime related activities.


In the event of a denial or revocation, an investigative report will be provided to each hotel/motel operator detailing the circumstances that led to the revocation. It may include any or all of the following:

  1. Frequency or occurrence of violation(s), arrest(s), or call(s) for service;
  2. Seriousness of the violation(s), arrest(s), or call(s) for service in relation to its threat or impact upon public health, safety or welfare;
  3. History of the violation(s), arrest(s), or call(s) for service;
  4. Good faith efforts taken by the responsible party to correct, reduce and/or alleviate violation(s), arrest(s), or call(s) for service;
  5. Any activity, action or effort taken by the responsible party to obstruct or interfere with correction of the problem;
  6. The impact of the violation(s), arrest(s), or call(s) for service on the surrounding property and community;
  7. The financial impact to the City.

When a permit to operate is revoked by the City, the operator of the hotel/motel is required to surrender the permit to the City within 72 hours.

Reissue After Revocation

A conditional permit to operate that is revoked shall not be reissued for a period of three years from the date of such revocation.


It is unlawful to operate a hotel/motel without a valid permit to operate or with failure to comply with any of the requirements established by this chapter. Violations of this section shall be subject to enforcement, including a fine of up to $1,000 and/or six months in the county jail.



All required forms are included below. They must be submitted to the Chula Vista Police Department by November 1 of each year.

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