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Citizen Access to Police Data

Dashboards are used to look at information from different viewpoints by simply grouping and/or selecting different predefined values. To start using the dashboard, select or deselect descriptions or values within the dashboard.

Here are some other helpful tips to get you started:

Expand or Collapse iconPress this icon to expand or collapse the size of the dashboard - Located at the bottom right of the page.

Navigation iconNavigation tool to toggle between dashboards. Use “<” to scroll to the left and “>” to scroll to the right – Located at the center of the bottom of the dashboard.

Filters  iconSome dashboards may have optional filters to narrow down the information. Select a value from the filter to narrow down data. When needing to filter by multiple values, press CTRL key and select the desired values. To reset the settings and view all the available data, deselect all the values until the boxes are white.


Although dashboards are very useful, the information displayed within them is only part of the evaluation process. It is always important to avoid making assumptions or conclusion without additional discussions with the staff responsible for publishing the data. 

Special Studies Dashboard


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