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Hotel/Motel Permit to Operate

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Hotel RoomThe City of Chula Vista, requires all hotels and motels to obtain and display a permit to operate each year (Municipal Code 5.39).

Application Process Overview

The annual permit to operate shall be applied for on a yearly basis by the hotel/motel operator. The application process requires:

All the required application material must be submitted online to the Chula Vista Police Department (CVPD) by November 1. The City will also evaluate other requirements discussed under Grounds for Denial. Permits will be issued or denied within 60 days after the due date. If a hotel/motel does not meet the specified threshold or other ordinance requirements, the City may deny the permit.

Important Dates

  • October 1 - Permit Application Reminder E-mailed to all Hotel/Motel Operators
  • November 1 - Permit Application Deadline (All applications and payments must be submitted online.)
  • December 15 - Permits Mailed to Hotels/Motels
  • January 1 - Permits Must be Displayed by Hotels/Motels

Permit Application

Hotel/Motel Operators applying for a permit to operate must file a completed online application provided by the City containing the following:

A. Business license in accordance with Chapter 5.13 CVMC, Rental Businesses.

B. The name of the applicant and trade name, if any, of the business; the name of the corporation and the name and address of its agent for service.

C. The business name, address, and phone number of the hotel/motel, and the emergency contact phone information for the hotel/motel.

D. The number of toilets in the hotel/motel.

E. The number of kitchens in the hotel/motel.

F. Proof of liability insurance, if applicable, including the carrier, policy number, agent’s name, address and phone number or a statement of self-insurance.

G. Complete the biennial inspection report by downloading the Health form provided here. The form needs to be filled out by an environmental health specialist registered with the California Department of Health Services, certifying that the facility is in compliance with California public health requirements. The health inspection is required in even application years (2016, 2018, 2020, etc.). Hotel/motel operators are responsible for scheduling by October 1 and completing the inspection before submitting the application. Learn more about the Registered Environmental Health Specialist Program here.

The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) may be able to provide more information on Registered Environmental Health Specialists (REHS) by submitting a request to Deann Kanenaga at .

H. Transient occupancy tax bond, if required, by the City Finance Director.

Any material misrepresented in the application for the permit to operate a hotel/motel, or a failure to provide the required information, shall be grounds for denial.


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