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Reducing Trespassing Problems

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Below are steps to help prevent trespassers or unwanted people from being on your property.

  • Lock dumpsters
  • Trim overgrown trees and bushes
  • Installing landscaping that discourages sitting
  • Install fencing around the perimeter
  • Post No Trespassing signs on the property
  • Hire private security

Vacant residential property:

  • Ask neighbors to monitor the property;
  • Hiring private security to monitor the property;
  • Use timers to turn on indoor and outdoor lights;
  • Maintaining landscaping;
  • Secure trash or recycling containers;
  • Immediately repairing broken doors and windows;
  • Use high-quality door, window and gate locks

What is a Trespass Authorization Letter? 

A Trespass Authorization Letter is an online form that you fill out and provide the Chula Vista Police Department authorizes the Police Department to cite or arrest a trespassing person on your property. It is authorized by Penal Code Section 602(o).

The letter is good for one year and allows police officers to arrest, remove, or advise any person present on the property without lawful business. This letter can be useful and effective. However, the tool’s effectiveness is limited by City staffing and resources and the District Attorney’s discretion on whether a criminal charge should be issued. Not every type of property can use this approach.

Property owners and agents are responsible for renewing their trespass letters annually and notifying the Chula Vista Police Department if there are any updates or changes to their authorization letter. Please contact the Homeless Outreach Team ( with any updates.

Properties that can file a trespass authorization letter

  • Properties that are closed to the general public at all times. For example, undeveloped land and/or vacant commercial properties.
  • Commercial properties that are closed during certain hours can file a Trespass Authorization Letter limited to the hours when the business is closed.
  • Vacant residential properties. This is a single family residence (private home) only.

Properties that cannot file a trespass authorization letter

The purpose for the trespass letter is for afterhours use so the PD can enforce trespassing in the absence of the property owner or manager. The following property types are ineligible for a trespass authorization letter.

  • Retail Stores (for enforcement during regular business hours, including 24 hour operations). When retail stores are open to the general public during regular business hours, all members of the public are considered to be allowed on the premises. Help for retail properties
  • Homeowners' Associations. A Homeowners Association (HOA) cannot file a trespass authorization request because any express or implied invitation to persons to come on the premises from either HOA tenants or co-owners eliminates any criminal intent of the trespassing party in this situation. Help for homeowners' associations
  • Apartment Complexes. Police officers on regular patrol are not in a position to determine if persons on the property are residents or accompanied guests of residents.
  • Condominium communities.
  • Occupied single family homes. Please call the non-emergency number (619-691-5151) for trespassing issues.
  • Businesses having trouble with individuals. Businesses in this category might need to consider a restraining order.

 You may file a trespass authorization letter here.

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